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Staircase Cinema Brings People Together in New Zealand



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Oh No Sumo calls the intersection between two Auckland universities, populated by laundromats and bus stops, a place for “poor quality waiting.” Frustrated by pedestrians retreating into their phones for entertainment, the “after-hours experimental architectural design collective” made waiting into a group activity with the “Stairway Cinema,” a mini-movie theater built an outdoor staircase. Via: TreeHugger


Paint that can turn any surface into a battery.


Researchers at the Rice University in Texas, USA, have created a lithium-ion battery paint that can be applied to any surface. The battery-based paint was experimented on bathroom tiles, which were able to power a set of LED lights for six hours, and provided a steady 2.4 volts.

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YO! launches YO! Home at 100% Design


You’ve eaten in YO! Sushi, You’ve stayed in YOTEL…
Now will you live in YO! Home?

A pioneering and intuitive living space is set to revolutionise contemporary homes when it launches in London this September at 100% Design where YOTEL was launched seven years ago. Called YO! Home, it is conceived and developed by Simon Woodroffe, the man responsible for YO!Sushi and YOTEL.

Woodroffe says:

“The city centre home has not been re-invented since city centres first appeared. Eleven moving parts drawing on the mechanics of stage scenery allow the transformation of an eighty square metre space, the size of a one bedroom apartment, into eleven different rooms – what a much bigger apartment might have.”

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Concept Washing Machine Doen’t use soap or water !


Designer Elie Ahovi’s concept washing machine of the future uses a jet of solid CO2 to remove dirt from clothes instead of soap or water. ‘Orbit‘ offers an innovation in how we clean clothes, using a new design and materials. It features a spherical drum, which floats and spins using magnetic levitation caused by the device’s liquid nitrogen superconductor. It is self-sufficient, produces no noise, and washes clothes in just a few minutes. More images/info at


Hannes Harms Flat Boombox

Hannes Harms is a masters student at the Royal College of Art. The german born designer has designed this flat and thin Boombox.

“A small speaker which incorporates future technology focused on flat electrical components by using 0.5mm thin stainless steel, its volume and material are highly reduced, making the methods for the manufacturing process in consumer electronics more sustainable. With acid-etching, the sheet of stainless steel is cut and engraved extremely precisely, allowing for 100% recyclability due to its extractive process. The shape of the product also allows for efficient shipping, enabling the use of envelope style packaging. Once purchased, the user would assemble the speaker by bending the metal along pre-scored lines.” This is another great prototype we need to see in production!

At Last: “The worlds first automated bed that makes itself”

Spanish furniture maker OHEA introduces the world’s first automated bed that makes itself.
Saving sleepers from the mundane task of making their beds every morning, the smart bed is equipped with a device that enables it to automatically straighten the bedding. In a mere 50 seconds, this bed from the future activates its mechanical arm with two rollers which pulls the duvet up to the head of the bed. At the same time, the pillows are straightened by cords attached to the pillowcases after which the panels rotate elevating the pillows.
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Magic Carpet That changes colour to suit the seasons

Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen‘s ‘Season Carpet’ changes colour at varying temperatures.
The wool carpet is braided in a three-colour pattern, each with a different temperature sensitivity.
This causes the carpet to change how it looks throughout the day and the year, depending on the environment.

Our natural environment is always changing; flowers are blooming at a certain temperature, leaves are falling off by another and the snow falls by temperatures below zero. In the same way the Season Carpet is sensible to temperature alteration and its colors and pattern is changing due to the surroundings; the weather and the season.

Gizmon iPad & iPhone Clip-On Lenses

Gizmon have released a clip-on lens design for use with your iPhone, iPad. By attaching the lense to your iPhone or iPad you can add all the benefits of the lense including Circular Polarizer, 3-Image Mirage, or the classic Fisheye lens filters. Cost ? Only $35 each at the Four Corner Store. Via:SLAMXHYPE


The 3D Printable House


Open source house design community WikiHouse want to make it possible for anyone to download and print a timber structure using a CNC milling machine, and then fit the pieces together to build an affordable house ready for cladding, wiring, insulation and plumbing.

Guinness’s unique deep-sea bar by Jump Studios

To celebrate Guiness’s 250th anniversary a trip to the depths of the Baltic sea was offered inside a custom-built Guinness-branded submarine as a competition. London-based architecture firm Jump Studios designed the interior of Guinness’s unique deep-sea bar for the brand’s Sea Experience competition.

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AUDI e-bike Worthersee


This is AUDI’s performance electric bike for sports and trick cycling.
The lithium-ion bike features a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) frame and 26-inch wheels, the latter of which represent the ‘audi ultra blade’ design of broad, flat spokes to increase the transmission of pedal power.

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Droog For Rent.


In the historical centre of Gent, Droog and Sofie Lachaert have launched Droog for Rent. Upstairs from the Sofie Lachaert Gallery, Droog re-designed a studio and a flat for 2 in which you can find a “restaurant”, “lobby”, “gym” and a “library” all fully equipped with Droog products.

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Maaike Seeger Meltware


Maaike Seeger, a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven, recently debuted Meltware.
The wax tableware concept lets users melt and make their own bowls, cups, and spoons.
Using Carnaba wax, a hard waterproof wax that comes from palm trees, users melt it in a pan and pour it into one of the molds. Users can also explore different shapes and sizes depending on how much wax they use.


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