Mini Happy Planner

We love organising and stationery so very much. There’s nothing like a stroll through Hay or Present and Correct and coming out with a months’ rent’s worth of rulers and desktop filing trays in copper. Although their website is a little overwhelming and garish, the brand Happybags have got their planners bang on.

happy bags

Jumping straight on the bullet journal fad, the Happy Planner is totally flexible and customisable allowing you to add and remove pages through its unique disc system making your planner thinner or thicker dependent on your requirements.

happy bagsThe Mini Happy Planner disc based organiser system allows you to create a bespoke planner putting plain pages, dates or just note pages in. The undated Mini Happy Planner runs for 12 months from whenever you want it to start. You can also add a 6 month extension pack.

happy bags

A host of accessories are available including a wide choice of themed stickers including fitness, cooking, motivational and floral, washi tape, sticky note pads, magnetic page clips, snap in tabs, reminders, spare covers, pencil cases and even a hole punch. Washi tape you say?! We are IN!


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