Kill It, Eat It with Bompas and Parr

A now typically sold out event by the food magicians Bompas and Parr takes place across the next two Sundays at Mondrian London. The event called Kill It, Eat It will do exactly what it says in the title, requiring participants to directly kill their dinner before they tuck into it.

Bompas and ParrThe classes will focus on crabs and will begin with a tutorial in humanely despatching crustaceans before each participant is given their own live animal to kill allowing guests to take a close look at crabs, appreciating their provenance and their role within the ocean food chain amid the context of the lengths we go to in order to source and prepare beautiful and tasty food. Then, each person will be schooled in the biologically most efficient and humane method of killing their crab, before directly ending its life, cooking it and de-shelling it.
Bompas and Parr
Taking place in the world-class kitchens of Sea Containers restaurant, with Bompas & Parr’s chef in charge, the focus of Kill It, Eat It is focused on drawing attention to a culinary area that is typically veiled with mystery, with most consumers inured to the reality of what raising, culling and preparing animals to eat actually entails.Each guest’s cooked crab will finally be dressed by the Sea Container’s team, presented back to the group as part of a meal in its award-winning restaurant.
Bompas and Parr
Guests will also leave with a takeaway guide to killing to replicate the process at home. This will be accompanied by a recipe card for the meal and cocktails consumed, designed by Bompas & Parr and Mondrian London specifically for the Kill It, Eat It series.

For more information about Bompas and Parr, click here.

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