Cos and Studio Swine in Milan

Always on-trend and ever with the thoughtful and spot-on great design collaborations, COS revealed a partnership with London-based Studio Swine that really became the talk of the festival a few weeks ago in Milan.

cos and studio swine

Studio Swine is an artistic collaboration between Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves. For Milan, the duo created an immersive, multi-sensory experience entitled New Spring, which brought great joy and an endless ream of Instagram shots to all that visited.

Studio swine and cos

The piece was housed in the decommissioned former theatre, Cinema Arti, in central Milan. COS, an extremely easy to wear brand for women and men who like modern, functional and considered design, were the perfect fit for the design duo, especially given Cos’s support of the arts since the launch of the brand.


New Spring was open to the public for the duration of the week and centred around a focal sculpture reaching six metres in height and constructed nearly entirely from recycled aluminium. The sculpture emitted mist-filled blossoms that burst on contact with skin but that survived when met with textured fabrics, allowing visitors the chance to interact with the installation.

cos studio swine

Studio Swine’s approach to New Spring evolved from mid-century cinema to modernist design, taking cues from Italian lighting; spherical bulbs and sweeping arched lamps inspired form and function, while the dark environment of the cinema’s interior allowed for a purposeful contrast. “We have been inspired by the thoughtfulness of Studio Swine’s work for some time now and are so thrilled to see New Spring coming to life. I hope their idea for this year’s installation will capture the imagination of those who visit. It is a joy for us to invite such talented creatives to collaborate and ultimately for us to engage with the creative community we draw inspiration from so regularly at COS,” said Karin Gustafsson, Creative Director of COS.

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