Ikea opens Dining Club

So we all know about the different supper clubs that go on across London and the UK; each one trying to out smart the next one- weirder places, hard to find, month long waiting lists….you know the score.

ikea supper club

Well, this September, retail and interior giant Ikea have joined in and are opening a popup dining club in Shoreditch- the East London spot where all supper clubs must start and which has gone beyond trendy and cool into somewhere you Mum hangs out. NO……we don’t get it either.

ikea supper club

With people spending less time cooking and eating together in the UK, IKEA are giving the foodies, wannabe-cooks, kitchen-novices and fine-diners the chance to express themselves and impress their friends in a restaurant where they will have their very own sous chef and maître de. They will also have 20 of their friends as extra hands, making a meal to remember and proving that too many cooks is not always a bad thing. It’s a nice idea but we still can’t work out why.

ikea supper club

Completely free of charge, the nation’s food loving entertainers can book their slot to host a brunch, lunch or dinner, where they will take over the restaurant, choosing their menu from a range of modern sharing dishes, including some Scandinavian classics, and will even have the restaurant named after them. The cleaning up will be taken care of too, so hosts and can spend quality time with their friends. It’s a place where cooking together is celebrated and eating together is inspirational.

We are sure this is going to get packed up fast if nothing more than because everyone loves the restaurant and the meatballs in Ikea stores……they might be onto a winner. Read more here.

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