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Frii Bicycle by Dror Peleg

Made from recycled plastic, the Frii Bicycle is a solution to urban transportation, and using more of that plastic waste floating around the world. Israeli industrial designer Dror Peleg, explains that “components would be injection molded into modular shapes that snap together to form a strong, lightweight and very colorful single-speed bike for quick trips through the city streets.” More info over at:[KNSTRCT]
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Frii Bike from recycled plastic Dror Peleg

Amid growing efforts to find more sustainable methods of transportation, Israeli design student Dror Peleg has come up with a concept bicycle, called ‘Frii,’ that uses recycled plastics and injection mold technology. In comparison to the conventional metal bicycle, mass production of Frii can be adapted to whatever resources are available locally. The tires also use the injection mold technology and are completely solid (no air required), making them ‘flat tire’-proof. for more images and info head over to PSFK