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Nikolaus Hartls Indienard Roadster


Since 2010 product designer Nikolaus Hartls? innovative Indienrad Roadster brings a piece of Indian Savoir-Vivre to Germany?s streets. Now, everyone?s favourite masterpiece is to be found in the limelight, once again, with improved gadgets and new design! ( Indienard are also looking for a UK Distributor)
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Peugeot DL122 Bike with Laptop Compartment



The ‘DL122’ urban bike concept by French carmakers Peugeot features a built-in carrier for laptops and documents. A briefcase or laptop case can be fit securely between the two walls of the main frame and even locked into place, thus offering better protection for the device. Most innovatively, the design also provides better balance for the bike by maintaing the site of the center of gravity.
The bicycle itself is composed of wood and aluminum, with a leather saddle and handgrips, featuring 20-inch wheels and an 8-speed hub.
Via: Designboom

The Bike Shelf from Chris Brigham.

Graphic designer Chris Brigham has created an attractive way to store you bicycle indoors. The Bike Shelf is part of Brigham’s Knife & Saw furniture range and is a simple shelf that can hold a fixed gear bike along with books, accessories, ornaments, etc. The minimalistic design isn’t distracting and showcases the bike like a work of art suspended in mid-air.

The Bike Shelf is made from solid wood and comes in Walnut finishing or Ash. Prices start from $299 and the shelf can be ordered online and delivered internationally. More Images over at PSFK.


Too Late Fixed Gear Bikes

Italian brand Too Late has designed these fixed gear bikes, that come in a range of eye-popping colorways.


Breeze by HawaSoo









Seoul designers HawaSoo have designed a clothes rail, a lamp and a stool that are styled like components of a bicycle. Called Breeze, the collection features a lamp with a long pole and handlebar-like supports to lean against the wall, a red stool with one diagonal leg echoing the usual line of a saddle support and a rack for clothes with a wheel at just one end. Via:[Dezeen]


Tripod Bike by Reza Rachmat Sumirat






Inspired by the camera tripod, the T-Bike provides a unique solution for custom fitting a bike to individual users needs.
3 sliding mechanisms located on the front fork, center frame, and rear wheel bar can be adjusted and locked to the rider’s preference. With a nod to its inspiration the bike also features a camera mount located between the handle bars! Via:[Yanko Design]

Designer: Reza Rachmat Sumirat

Flat frame wooden bike by Flat Frame Systems Ltd

Flat Frame Systems Ltd is launching their first product – a wooden bicycle. The frame is made from engineered wood but the timber laminates are thicker and can be made from beech, ash, oak or maple. The frame can be covered with a high quality veneer in your choice of close to a thousand options. The flat frame system is not like a traditional tube design but is hollow and made from a flat material.


Greencycle-Eco Friendly Bike

Greencycle-Eco uses current technology to reduce production costs in order to make it affordable to farmers and the lower income demographic group in third world countries, but the strategic thinking could certainly benefit the entire world to achieve greater sustainability. Made of pre-fabricated bamboo panels, each piece is shaped using a CNC cutter to minimize waste. The steel brackets were created from flat steel and used as a joining component. Both can easily replaced.Via:[YankoDesign]


PumpTire The self inflating Bike tire

PumpTire is billed as the world’s first self-inflating bicycle tire.

The tire includes a built-in pumping mechanism that uses the spinning motion of the wheel to gather air and the weight of the bike to push air into the inner tube.

PumpTire is the company and product name of a complete set of items that consist of a tire, a tube, and detachable valve. The inner tube clips into the tire to allow the air to pass from the tire to the tube. Once the desired pressure is reached, the pump stops. The valve senses the increase in pressure and closes the air pathway so that no more air is pumped into.


Frii Bicycle by Dror Peleg

Made from recycled plastic, the Frii Bicycle is a solution to urban transportation, and using more of that plastic waste floating around the world. Israeli industrial designer Dror Peleg, explains that “components would be injection molded into modular shapes that snap together to form a strong, lightweight and very colorful single-speed bike for quick trips through the city streets.” More info over at:[KNSTRCT]
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Ron Arad for WOW bikes

Image:Bike with sprung steel wheels designed by Ron Arad all Images courtesy of WOW bikes

As part of a collaborative fundraising event between Elton John AIDS foundation and Whotels, six top creatives were invited to transform the distinctive Blue ‘Boris bike’ used by Londoners into a a functional work of art, to by used by visitors to London’s Whotel .
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Sustainable Cycle Paulus Maringka

Featured in the top 20 for the 2011 International Bicycle Design Competition, the Greencycle 2 provides more than just basic transportation between point A and point B; it provides an environmentally sustainable, meaningful and overall beneficial solution to poorer countries. A series of G2s were created in the design process with core parts made from renewable resources such as bamboo, which is widely available in many 3rd world countries.
More Images and Information over at Yanko Design.


revolights. join the revolution. from revolights on Vimeo.

In Sheffield, a city of seven (very steep hills) and very few bike lanes, there are two vital things you need if you choose to ride around on two wheels. One is possessing a set of quads like tightly coiled panthers, the other is being noticed – particularly by an unsuspecting 4×4’s. I like this smart adaptation of the traditional brake light I saw recently, it has a greater surface area of light than the more traditional models and therefore creates more visibility and awareness for oncoming traffic, and aesthetically it feels like it integrates to the shape and form of the bike rather than an added bolt-on.

This is just at prototype stage so if you want to show support and make a donation to the project please back it on Kickstarter.

Paul Reardon – Peter and Paul


The Ultimate Bike Handle from Sang Min Yu

The Bike Lock took some real ingenuity to create and I there will be a prototype produced. The handle itself can be detached from the main frame and used as modified bike lock . It can also function as a bike stand when you park it indoors.More Images and Info over at :[YankoDesign]

the Bike Crate by MAIK

Danish designers MAIK have created the Bike Crate, billed as the bicycle basket for men.

MAIK do not wish to be labeled a company or a brand, but instead “a catalyst for improvement”, aiming to identify common troubles, big or small, and to find creative solutions improve people’s lives.

According to MAIK co-founder Andreas Sachse, “The bike crate is the first product giving men what women always had — a practical and stylish solution to the common transportation problems faced by the urban bicyclist.” .

Made from 100% recyclable materials, stainless steel and light-weight aluminum, the bike crate is spacious, sturdy, weatherproof, and designed to withstand everyday scrapes. It’s available in black, yellow and red and costs EUR 150 including VAT. Via:[Springwise]

Website: www.thebikecrate.com

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