The Great Recovery: A Design Rescue Project

The Great Recovery

Not long after exploring the exhibition aisles and hearing the wise words of speakers and exhibitors do you realise that sustainability, ecology and social responsibility are the buzzwords of 100% Design this year and a core focus for everyone involved in design today.

The Great Recovery is an RSA project that embodies these concepts, and is certainly one stand worth dropping in on (E351).

Our current linear design setup of ‘take-make-dispose’ is now the cause of major environmental challenges. In response to these challenges, The Great Recovery seeks to fill the knowledge and innovation gaps associated with designing for a circular economy model.

One of the core aims of the project is to develop new professional networks between designers, material scientists, brands, manufacturers and recycling and recovery experts in order to shape new industrial opportunities. Head over to the stall to chat with the team, watch demonstrations and to discover how products and systems can be better designed.

While you’re there you’re also welcome to bring along small electrical items to be repaired or reused. A team from Bright Sparks in Islington are on hand to give these items a new lease of life and keep them out  of a landfill.

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Herman Miller Launches StemTM Storage at 100%Design


World renowned furniture company Herman Miller unveils its creative campaign and first ever app to support the launch of new integrated storage solution, Stem at 100%Design .

The thinking behind Stem started with storage and the space it uses. The goal? To make space work harder, for the business and the user. Stem achieves this by using systems furniture thinking to provide a multi-functional, integrated solution, that can be used to divide, connect, store and save.

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Servomuto’s ‘Family Lightshades’

The Italian duo Servemuto are Alessandro Poli and Francesca De Giorgi – a unique blend of architecture and graphic design in the form of product designers.

Inspired by vintage products they have created an exquisite range of over-sized light shades with comedic undertones.  Using salvaged trimmings and old fabrics from army blankets to theater curtains the pair from South Italy spend most of their time in Milan creating unusual products.



The colourful shades continue to be made by hand in the style and method used by Francesca’s family in the 1960’s, hence the idea of ‘family’ lampshades. Using meticulous finishes of the Florentine tradition, their artisan work is of the highest level. Not only are their products unique but their entire brand oozes concept, tradition and style.



For those of you who can’t make 100% Design, you can see their wonderful creations at Animali Domestici in Brixton.


Material Lab: A Pop-Up Plethora Of Materials

Material Lab

Have you stumbled across Material Lab’s stand at 100% Design this year?  The  stand located at E360 is a feast of innovative materials with exciting tools, fabrics, textures and surfaces all laid out for you to experiment with.

Partnering with Material Lab to stage this pop-up collection are Coba Europe, Formica Group, Johnson Tiles, Karndean Designflooring, modulyss and Tektura. The final effect is an intriguing space of recycled crates and stands, mirroring the look and feel of a gallery exhibition. There’s also a special ‘What’s in the Crate?’ photo booth where you can get your picture taken. If you’re passing, make sure you go and have a play!

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Your Message In Lights

These Message lights by Nov.D can’t help but catch your eye when perusing the aisles at 100% Design this year. Their quirky messages glow from the colourful bulbs, lighting up a room with an amusing line or message. These fun lights would make a brilliant and original gift or unusual home item. What would yours say?  Visit for more info.

Nov:d Message Lights

Message Lamb by Nov.d

Michael Young: Weird & Wonderful Design Tales From Europe To Asia

Michael Young

Hong Kong based designer Michael Young presented an entertaining seminar at 100% Design this morning in which he talked about the pioneering passion for technology and product which took him to Asia.

He recounted a serious of amusing anecdotes about his design escapades across the eastern continent; from giving away a watch design to a dodgy retailer in Taiwan, to designing a sex toy for distribution in Hong Kong. All of these experiences in his early career,  took him on a journey to discover a new way of working and to adapt his own style and design vision according to differing continents and cultures.

One of the earliest lessons he learnt from his time in China was how instantaneous the concept to production process can be in Asia. “Within three weeks of handing my watch design to a retailer in Taiwan, the final product appeared on shop shelves. It was an eye opening experience.” When tasked with designing a sex toy in Hong Kong he learnt the lesson; “never work in retail – it’s hard!” after he was left with 10,000 sex toys to shift from his studio in various weird and wonderful ways.

Michael Young Sex Toy

 Throughout the talk, Young debated the differences between designing in Europe and designing in Asia. Though he spends the majority of his year in China, he has a fondness and affection for Europe and European design that he craves if away for too long. “I need the culture of Europe, the richness of the history we have here. I come back to carry out projects at least 3 or 4 times a year. In Europe designers are expected to look for things that are poetic & deeper in meaning”. For Young, designing in China is much more about combining chaos and order in a way that is reflective of the country as a whole.

Regardless of where he’s working or what he’s designing however; one principle always remains true for Young and that is the rule of inherent integrity. “For a product to be a real product it must have a soul. To have a soul it must exist in a real way and have a philosophy behind it.” His parting advice for all designers and his own working philosophy is; “design for the spirit of the company, not for the spirit of yourself – I really believe that industry is starting to respond well to this approach”.

Ladies Do Good in Emerging Brands

We caught up with the leading young ladies in Emerging Brands of 100% Interiors about design as a business and are there as many women emerging on to the scene as there should be?

Textile designer and wallpaper maverick Kirath Ghundoo admitted that even at university young textile designers, mostly women, had very limited skills in business when graduating. Luckily for her, her empire was inspired by her fathers drive and business prowess. As a result she’s not only a hugely popular designer (Elle Decoration, Vogue, The Observer love her designs) but is setting up an enterprise to help young textile designers develop their all important business skills.

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Nylon Wire Open Auditorium by Paul Cocksedge

Nylon Wires

Paul Cocksedge was charged with creating the main auditorium space at this year’s 100% Design fair. The ‘walls’ which divide the space are created by a network of nylon wires, webbed together to create a wall like structure. Coscksedge was determined to take an unconventional approach to this challenge and whilst he has achieved a clearly marked area, the use of virtually invisible material results in a completely open environment accesible to all.

Cocksedge commented; “What I love about the auditorium is that whether you are inside or outside, everyone feels part of of the space. If the seating area is full, the open setup still allows people to sit around the edges and listen into the seminar. It’s really nice to see.”

Despite it’s delicate appearance of the nylon threads, the complex, handwoven system is actually quite quite a robust structure. It is translucent yet solid, divided yet open to all, playing upon our notions of exterior and interior space, where they begin and where they end.

Despoke picks #1






A quick round up of few exhibitors dotted around 100% Design
At the top we have rising star Arthur Analts with his Led Zepplin Ladder and Amid Room Divider Then we have the M Lamp from David Irwin design based on an old miners lamp and funded via Kickstarter. Finally on this page The Time Chair and Place bedside table from trett design D37.

Tonight don’t miss the 100% Design Party featuring Peter Hook on the decks from 6pm

Set to be the music event of LDF Peter Hook (Co- Founder New Order/Joy Division) takes over the decks at The Central Bar at 100% Design Earls Court 2 today. Expect load guitars and fast beats and plenty of drink.

There is still time to register for 100% Design HERE and you can find out about more highlights on the 100%Design website.

Yves Behar In Conversation With Marcus Fairs






Industrial designer Yves Behar joined Dezeen Editor in Chief Marcus Fairs for a seminar in the 100% Design auditorium, focusing on his work, successes and advice to other designers. The swiss born designer is highly acclaimed within the field for his wide variety of innovative projects including the hugely successful JAMBOX speakers and socially sustainable project, the 100 dollar laptop.
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bloggers lounge at 100%Design from Knoll




The bloggers lounge at 100% Design : Waiter service, plug sockets, free Wi-Fi was a great success Marcus Fairs from Dezeen and his team where there as well as bloggers Design Milk, DesignBoom, FADwebsite and house and home.

@Dezeen @designboom @houseandhome @MarcusFairs @FADwebsite @coadg (for Design-Milk)

100% Design 19th September to 22nd September at Earls Court 2

A Futuristic Welcome to 100% Design

light tunnel

The fist day of 100% Design 2012 has officially come to a close, and what a day it was. For those of you coming to the exhibition in the next couple of days here’s a sneak preview of the dramatic entrance that awaits you.

The futuristic light tunnel was designed by Studio Design and Shaw & Skerm, produced and constructed by Firecracker Ltd and Renegade lighting.

The installation creates a truly spectacular entrance to this year’s show, referencing the positive effects of artistic collaboration and networks of ideas leading to unexpected conclusions.

Light Tunnel

Dezeen Live With Tom Hulme

Tom Hulme & Katrin Olina

The final seminar session wrapping up day one of 100% Design was a Q&A session curated by Dezeen. The sessions will be run at 5pm daily throughout the exhibition, with Editor in Chief Marcus Fairs picking the brains of some of the best talents in contemporary design. The sessions aim to provide a mixture of insight, intelligence and sheer entertainment, showcasing a host of bright young talents and established figures. Here’s a round up of what we learnt from today’s first speaker Tom Hulme.

As Tom sees it, the job of a designer is to create the best possible user experience for the consumer. What ever you create must be beautiful, seamless and improve their lives in some way.

Already a successful entrepreneur at only 35, Tom encourages other designers to think of everything as a design opportunity. It’s not just the products you’re creating, everything from your business strategy to the spreadsheets you record data in should be thought of as a piece of design work; “I brought design to my whole business”.

One of Tom’s great passions is his mission to democratise design. He is fascinated by what can be achieved through collaboration when approaching a challenge. On this basis he launched OpenIdeo, a platform for designers to work collaboratively on creative and social challenges:

Mercedes stand Designed by Paul Cocksedge

image image image

Mercedes are at 100% Design showing their concept style coupe in a beautifully stand designed by Paul Cocksedge .