JOHN WALSH wins ‘Triflow Future Talents’ design competition


Triflow Concepts, one of Britain’s largest independent brassware manufacturers, is delighted to announce JOHN WALSH has won their first ever ‘Triflow Future Talents’ design competition, held as part of this year’s 100% Design exhibition at Earls Court, London.

‘Trees’, designed by John Walsh has designed many successful volume furniture products including several innovative office desking systems for leading European manufacturers.
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Surrealism at 100% Design by Tom Wright

Meret Oppenheim's Déjeuner en fourrureMeret Oppenheim’s Déjeuner en fourrure

Surrealism The concept of Surrealist design is a tricky one. Not least because I do not think that it exists. Not in the true sense of the movement, anyway. The innovative thinking of the surrealists of the early 20th Century was grounded in political ideology and emerging psychoanalysis. Marx and Freud represented the philosophical origins of a literary movement that soon expanded to encompass the visual arts as well.

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MissPrint keeps it in the family


Mother and daughter duo MissPrint’s cleverly walk the line between quirky and commercial with their collection of wallpaper and interior accessories. Following the launch of a range of stationery for WH Smith, Yvonne and Rebecca Drury, who formed MissPrint in 2005, now hope to emulate that success with the likes of their Saplings and Central Park designs, exhibited at 100% Design.

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New Foscarini light at the forefront of design


Material:Diffuser in glass material and carbon fibre or Kevlar, Chrome Metal Base

We’ve come to expect a lot from innovative Italian lighting manufacturer Foscarini and once again they have delivered with the Mite Special Fusion. The work of French-born Marc Sadler, a designer who first began collaborating with Foscarini a decade ago, this light is a special edition of a design first launched in 2001. Its slender construction is thanks to carbon and Kewlar thread, more commonly found in golf clubs, weaving around each other, with a chrome base. The result is a striking silhouette, almost redolent of a ceremonial torch.

More Info:Foscani

100% Design on Rustavi2

100% Design video reportage by Sandro Kakabadze for TV “Rustavi2”.

Robin Grasby Homework

With the increasing trend for home-working, Robin wanted
to create a piece of flexible office/studio furniture that could be aimed at the mass market. To this end, he began his final major project by interviewing and photographing the workspaces of people in a variety of different proffessions,
including designers, architects, illustrators, print makers, teachers and students. This informed a deeper understanding
of exactly how people use the space around them, and how their environment directly influences their enjoyment and productivity at work.
The results showed that no two people will ever have the same functional requirements. They also highlighted that a desks provides much more than a place at which to work; it also provides a space for inspiration and contemplation.
His task then was to create a desk or furniture system that could be manufactured on a large scale but at the same time adjusted and personalised to the individual’s
needs – both functional and emotional.
Like all ingenious designs, the solution is deceptively simple – a kit of parts that allows you to mix and match to create a work station that is perfect for you and your needs. The reality however, is a highly innovative approach
to office furniture.
The desk top comes in a choice of 3 sizes – small, medium
and large. Homework utilises a trestle framework to simplify manufacturing requirements. Robin allows the user to simply move the legs closer together or farther apart in order to support the desk top size of their choice. And self-assembly couldn’t be easier, as a series of slots at either end of the desk top mean it can simply be lowered onto the trestles and locked in position under its own weight. Not a mechanical fixing in sight.
Robin designed the desk by focusing on two zones; the work surface and the storage area below. In each case the aesthetic appeal is created by a graphic simplicity in his approach to flexibility and functionality.



With the increasing trend for home-working, Robin wanted to create a piece of flexible office/studio furniture that could be aimed at the mass market. To this end, he began his final major project by interviewing and photographing the workspaces of people in a variety of different proffessions,including designers, architects, illustrators, print makers, teachers and students. This informed a deeper understanding of exactly how people use the space around them, and how their environment directly influences their enjoyment and productivity at work.

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Vienna Design Week from October 1st

Festival programme of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2009
raises appetite for design by using fresh formats
Eleven day design festival from October 1st to 11th in Vienna, Austria
On Wednesday June 24th, the “Neigungsgruppe Design” presented the festival
programme of the third VIENNA DESIGN WEEK in Vienna, which once more invites to
experiencing design in everyday life from October 1st to 11th. Newly developed formats
as “VDW Lab”, “VDW Debut” and “VDW Carte Blanche” add to the successful portfolio
of talks, presentations and exhibitions.
“VDW Lab”
With “VDW Lab”, young product -, industrial -, and graphic designers receive a
prominent platform at the project space of the KUNSTHALLE on Karlsplatz. Invited by
“Neigungsgruppe Design”, organiser of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, and guest curator and
communication designer Erwin Bauer, project teams work on-site on special projects.
Thus, visitors of the laboratory get to experience individual operating processes and
approaches in an open studio situation. At the same time, the location serves as
festival headquarters for exchange, meetings, and the gathering of programme
“VDW Debut”
Ten chosen design students and design alumni, who graduated no longer than three
years ago, present their works in the context of “VDW Debut”, supported by the
internationally renowned James Dyson Foundation and James Dyson Award. The
projects of young product -, and industrial designers, who beforehand submitted for
the James Dyson Award, are going to be displayed at Vorgartenmarkt in the
Stuwerviertel neighbourhood. Furthermore, in this once notorious and now more
hipper Stuwerviertel, one focus of this year’s PASSIONSWEGE is located. This design
path across the first and second city district with ten stops in total can be discovered

on foot as the centrepiece of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK.


The aim of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is to show  creative work in the fields of product, furniture and industrial design, and also experimental design. After two successful festivals in 2007 and 2008,  this October an exquisite and colourful programme of events will be awaiting  visitors. Design has been and is an important field in the production of culture: it shapes our material culture, our everyday life and our consumer world, it influences our lifestyles and fashions and most fundamentally our aesthetic sense and judgements. This wide-ranging impact is a reason both to celebrate design and to examine it critically, and VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has made both of these its mission.

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British designer Lee Broom presents Heritage Boy, his third collection of furniture Heritage Boy is the much anticipated follow-up toRough Diamond 2008 and Neo Neon 2007 .

Broom’s new collection marks a departure from the eye-catching neon lighting to a more classical fusion of the old and new.  Heritage Boy draws on traditional British manufacturing techniques to create a modern-day furniture collection which is divided into three distinct ranges: Carpetry, Parquetry and Tiles.

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Batman&Robin Lamps by ZMIK


Swiss design studio ZMIK have put their Batman&Robin lamps into production, inspired by the superheroes, the suspension lamps feature an angular folded shade that is made from a single piece of aluminum.

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Wooden Memo Block by Kenjiro Sano


A cute block of post-it notes designed by Kenjiro Sano
to look like a block of wood, which is actually 1200 pages of memo notes.

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Japanese Design Team Nendo to Unveil Four New Designs and Prototypes


The newest projects and prototypes from the renowned Tokyo-based design studio Nendo will be seen for the first time at the Museum of Arts and Design this October. From October 27 through January 10, 2010, Ghost Stories, New Designs from Nendo will transform the MADProjects Gallery on the Museum’s second floor into a magical landscape of new designs that imbue chairs, vases, and lamps with whimsy and optical illusion. Founded and led by Oki Sato, Nendo has garnered international attention and more than 45 design awards for its beautifully simple yet surprisingly humorous work in interiors, furniture, product design, graphics and architecture.

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100% Futures Exhibitor Jonathan Krawczuk Wins the Peroni Blue Ribbon Design Awards

Olive Tree 1

Jonathan Krawczuk  who exhibited at 100% Futures this year and Caroline Sipos came first in the Peroni Blue Ribbon Design Awards with The ‘Olive Tree’ which was born from talking to friends and family about their experience of Aperitivo and looking closely at how people ate food at such events. The stainless steel design is a fusion of sculpture and practicality – a stunning centre piece for any Aperitivo party.
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Doing It for the Kids [re]design at 100% Review By Danielle Vigliotti


Design can be a serious field, and it’s not often you come across a group of adults intently making sock monkeys  in the name of business, so, almost for that reason alone,  it was great to see [re]design at 100% Design.

[Re]design partners with a wide range of organisations to pioneer strategic approaches to sustainable design and help bring concepts to fruition. The organisation aims to engage, inform and empower diverse audiences: public, education and business, to make greener choices and whilst the intention of their stand at 100% Design aim may have been to get the kids involved, with a show audience not notable for it’s high density of children, adults like me had free rein on [re]design’s stand and probably enjoyed it slightly more than was seemly.

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‘Looking Glass’ by Sebastian Bergne


This upside down carafe by designer Sebastian Bergne is directly inspired by the stories of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, the cuisine and laboratory inventiveness of the Victorian era.
Placed next to food, objects and other guests around the table, the liquid in the lens shaped bottle magnifies
everything seen through it, exaggerating and distorting really.

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Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Alessi, have collaborated to launch the first ever Peroni Blue Ribbon Design Awards at the Institute of Contemporary Arts from the 30th September to the 4th October, 2009. This national exhibition, open to the general public, will be an innovative display of design items in a truly unique celebration of Italian style.

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