Anti Wi-Fi Paint


Researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan have created a special paint which can block out wireless signals. The paint, which could cost as little at £10 per kilogram, contains an aluminium-iron oxide which resonates at the same frequency as wi-fi – or other radio waves – meaning the airborne data is absorbed and blocked. While paints blocking lower frequencies have been available for some time, this new technology is the first to absorb frequencies transmitting as high as 100GHz (gigahertz). Signals carrying a larger amount of data – such as wireless internet – travel at a higher frequency than, for example, FM radio.

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Sascha Bischoff: 0909 stools

Sascha Biscoff

London based designer Sascha Bischoff just finished his new seating project. the 0909 stools are made from oak, and are stackable – catering for the client’s need to save space.

Sascha Bischoff

Gal Tevet from Opus DV answers some Questions


Gal you are involved in many creative areas particularly as an Architect, Designer and Musician how did this happen?
I guess the three planes have been present since childhood, and evolved in parallel along the years until joining into one ouvre (an Opus) during my mature professional activity. I think the big challenge is to create a real awareness in the act of design, be it in an architectural context or in a musical one. My activity in music had begun in childhood, and allowed me to evolve into a jazz pianist by the age of 17 till now. Architecture begun in Architecture school, which I graduated from in 1993. Design, I believe, is an in-between activity, an overall one which I have been doing all along (composing music, planning spaces, translating and joining entities). Furniture design bagan later, as part of my architectural projects, and 5 years ago when I founded OpusDV.

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The Blank of Ideas at 100% Design London conceived and curated by Corridor.

question-rsaThe phone call suggested we take a last minute free space at 100% Design on the main boulevard. It was a tempting offer, but what shall we do with the space, and in less than three weeks?

The 100% Design show attracts over 35,000 people annually, so the thought of trying to harness the creative thinking and energy that passes through the space, was the ambition.

Entitled The Blank of Ideas, we invited several leading industry experts from design backgrounds, to put forward socially provocative questions. We would turn the negative space into a social thinking hub.

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Wood Drop 14 by Skram


It’s a hunk of tree. Look closer. It’s still a hunk of tree, but that’s the point. The Wood Drop 14 stool by North Carolina-based Skram basks in all its imperfect glory, its naturally occurring cracks and flaws turned into valuable assets simply through their presentation.

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Brompton bike competition winner announced

Sarah Herman enjoying her new Brompton; photo:Martin Story

Sarah Herman enjoying her new Brompton; photo:Martin Story

Here’s the lucky winner of a brand spanking new Brompton bike, which was up for grabs at 100% Design this year. Illustrator Sarah Herman, who as it turns out is a bit of cycling fiend, won her bike, a one off design in red, white and blue, having paid the £1 entry fee into a prize draw that was part of the Bike Feature at the show. All the money raised through the competition went to Cycle for Cannes, a six-day bike challenge, which sees entrants pedal from London to Cannes in a six-day, 1500 kilometre cycling relay. The proceeds from this test of endurance have assisted five charities since the challenge’s inception in 2006: LandAid, The Tom ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust, Sarah Matheson Trust, Article 25 and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Wooden Owls from Matt Pugh

Matt Pugh
Matt Pugh’s wooden owls are adorably irresistible! Available in oak or walnut and a variety of colors, they certainly demonstrate the power of simplicity done right. Definitely worth adding to the potential gift list.  See a few more gorgeous wood pieces at: Matt Pugh Design

Via (NotCot)

martin szekely: heroic shelves & simple boxes from November 7th

boxes01table basse image © fabrice gousset, courtesy galerie kreo

galerie kreo, paris november 7th to december 19th, 2009

the upcoming show at galerie kreo ‘heroic shelves & simple boxes’, is a collection of furniture by martin szekely. the pieces are tables, cabinets and shelves made from lightweight cork, but their forms have a weight and robustness.

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Tashiro Alloy at 100% design

Tashiro Alloy at 100% design more

Mariscal at The Design Museum Through to November 1st


The Design Museum presents the first UK retrospective of Spanish designer and artist Javier Mariscal. Regarded as one the world’s most innovative and original designers of our time, Mariscal’s rich and diverse body of work spans kooky cartoon characters to stunning interiors, from furniture to graphic design and corporate identities.

The exhibition and graphics will be designed by Mariscal, promising an immersive experience for the visitor into the world and mind of Mariscal. The exhibition space will be a fully illustrated environment, rich with orchestrated scenarios and installations, each telling the story of Mariscal’s pivotal projects, designs and the drawings that shaped them. Sketches, designs, films and photographs will be on display alongside furniture and textiles. Mariscal will also design and paint an elaborate mural for the exterior of the Design Museum showcasing his unique vision and signature design style.

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Sun International Exhibition of Outdoor Products Rimini from 8th October


The seat / table “Day Off”  from Lana+Savettiere has been selected as one of the winning projects for the “International Competition Sun Lab for a Creative Outdoor” Which is part of the 27th Sun International Exhibition of Outdoor Products –  Rimini (Italy).

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Interview:Penghao Shan (Water Catcher) Electrolux Design Lab finalist

Flying Water catcher

Penghao Shan has created a product that addresses water shortage. His solution is “Water Catcher”, a flying rain catcher and water purifier. This automated device dispatches small flying balls in the air to catch raindrops. After the raindrops are collected, the balls return to a homing tray that purifies the water for drinking. Once purified, the balls take the drinking water directly to a person to be drunk. The homing tray also reads fingerprints to determine what additives should be added to the water to ensure the drinker optimizes their health.

What was the inspiration for your concept?
I was inspired by nature and the way that insects collect and store water.

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Recycled, Germ Killing Copper Sinks from Native Trails

Copper has amazing germ-killing properties,and now The Treehugger website points us to another use of the material.

Native Trails uses 100% recycled copper to make handmade sinks for kitchen, bathroom and commercial use. Besides looking good, these sinks have the added benefit of being able to kill 99% of bacteria within two hours. Via(PSFK)
Native Trails

My Three Favourite Design Objects from Fukutoshi Ueno

Ron Arad Rocking Chair
We asked some exhibitors  from 100% Design this year what their favourite design objects where, here is the first answer from Fukutoshi Ueno.
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ES Salmon at 100% Design , what gives you inspiration?

ES Salmon at 100% Design , what gives you inspiration? More at