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Recycled TVs transformed into sustainable ceramic tiles


Refin, one of Italy’s foremost ceramic tile companies, launches an eco range of tiles, Wood² in the UK. The collection is manufactured using a mixture that combines ceramic-derived recycled material and post-consumer glass recycled from obsolete cathode ray tube TV sets.

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Cardboard Package transforms into office desk.


To coincide with the launch of HP’s 27? Z1 Workstation, social influence marketing company Goodstuph were invited to create a cardboard workspace. They designed a direct mailer, made up of over 250 cardboard modules, which transforms into a desk. No tools are required to assemble it, and it is capable of holding up to 30 kilograms. Assembling the cardboard desk would enable the recipient to discover the benefits of owning a HP Z1 Workstation, including the simplicity of its all-in-one design, the tool-less chassis, and the actual space it requires. More Images over at PSFK

Magic Carpet That changes colour to suit the seasons

Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen‘s ‘Season Carpet’ changes colour at varying temperatures.
The wool carpet is braided in a three-colour pattern, each with a different temperature sensitivity.
This causes the carpet to change how it looks throughout the day and the year, depending on the environment.

Our natural environment is always changing; flowers are blooming at a certain temperature, leaves are falling off by another and the snow falls by temperatures below zero. In the same way the Season Carpet is sensible to temperature alteration and its colors and pattern is changing due to the surroundings; the weather and the season.

Knotty by Kumeko


Knotty is a floor cushion with a plaited upholstery designed by Kumeko, a design studio based in Prague, Czech Republic. Available in two sizes it is inspired by old weaving, knotting and basket-making techniques. Made from soft jersey tubes stuffed with highly resilient foam, and a lining that is filled with polystyrene balls, the cushion adjusts nicely and molds to your body making it extra comfortable. Via:designmilk


iSleeve to Showcase Latest Collection at Clerkenwell Design Week, 22-24 May 2012

iSleeve, the design-led solution to protecting your iPad and iPhone will be showcasing its new range of accessories at Clerkenwell Design Week 2012.

iSleeve was developed in response to a demand for a well designed, lightweight, and tactile solution to storing an iPad and iPhone while on the go. In a vibrant market place where the iPad and iPhone increasingly act as extensions of the owner, finding a suitable cover for these devices is highly important.
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Bark Furniture Blog Day ONE.


Thursday, May 17

Today was our last full day in the workshop before heading to London to set up for Clerkenwell Design Week. With a seemingly endless To-Do list we were up at the crack of dawn to get everything done on time. By 9am we had already established there was no surf – something of a blessing as it meant there were no distractions/excuses!!
Beacon Coffee Table

First on the list was the final coat of oil on the new Beacon Coffee Table and Kustom Mirror. While that was drying we had to make a display stand for the new Acorn Bookcase and Kustom Mirror.

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Issey Miyake ‘in-ei’ Lampshades

Check the ‘in-ei’ collection of environmentally-minded, foldable lampshades developed by Issey Miyake for Italian lighting firm Artemide.

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Thomas Heatherwick ‘Spun’ chair for Magis


Thomas Heatherwick ‘Spun’ chair for Magis.
NOW in see-through / transparent finish.

William Knight from Milan.

A Bathing Ape x Meister 2012 “BAPE Gallery” Collection

BAPE GALLERY is a Bathing Ape foray into the sophisticated realm of pop-art, highlights include its collaboration with acclaimed Japanese furniture manufacturer Meister. Utilizing their signature ABC Camo, the brands have created 1-seat, 2-seat, and 2.5-seat sofas with or without arm rests, blending both a stunning facade with every day modern comfort. Simple-yet-stable plywood and steel rod construction completes the well-designed furnishings, ready to compliment any stylish living room.

ECO-FRIENDLY LEGO from Colors Tokyo

A new building block called Earth Blocks can be snapped together to create different shapes and structures. They are very similar to Lego but provide an eco-friendly alternative, with softer edges and muted, natural colours.

Developed by Japanese design studio Colors Tokyo, the blocks are made from a composite of the bark of the cedar tree, compressed dust from sawed-off cedar logs, coffee beans and green tea leaves. These natural materials are blended with polypropylene to maintain a rigid shape. Earth Blocks are currently available in just one shape and size, and you can get a pack of 50 from the Guggenheim museum for $30.via:[PSFK]

Turn Your Old Airbus A300 Into a Lovely Hanging Lamp






photos by benjamin boccas

Paul Coudamy has taken Airbus windows and recycled them to create a modular lighting concept.
The ‘F-light’ is constructed from the walls / windows of an airbus A300, whereby the engineered curves, windows and insulation of the airplane takes on a second life as a functional lighting structure.

Beau McClellan Interviewed about his interactive lighting installation London Art Fair 2012

Ben Austin FAD’s Editor At Large caught up with Beau McClellan who exhibited a large-scale interactive lighting installation at London Art Fair 2012. This spectacular centrepiece was presented at the entrance to the Business Design Centre, where visitors could control the colour effects using an iPad.

With its combination of innovative, contemporary design and cutting edge RGB LED technology, the five metre long piece used the studio’s signature mirror reflective coating. Designed to showcase its artistic, sculpture-like form during the day, the Nomad then transformed into a stunning semi-transparent light installation at night.

The Sacred Geometry of Chance Art Installation by acrylicize

The Sacred Geometry of Chance’ 3010 x Hand Made Black Dice Acrylic / Aluminium Frame
JB 2011

3010 dice, each rolled individually creating a sea of seemingly random patterns.
This piece represents the entrepreneurial spirit of life and taking risks – crucial for any business to succeed at the highest level. The idea was everyone has a chance to ‘roll the dice’ in life is embraced by the process in which this piece has been made.

Each set of dice was rolled by different people spanning many different backgrounds. It is the outcome of these rolls which dictated the arrangement of the dice, illustrating that while some may win and some may loose, the chance is there for everyone to take.





Cloud Installation at colette Paris by Pernilla+Asif.


colette this Christmas has commissioned Pernilla & Asif to create a unique miniature version of their Cloud installation previously exhibited at Design Miami / Basel, for the Designers of the Future 2011 Award and later on a giant scale at the boxing venue, York Hall in east London in November 2011.

During the darkest three weeks of the year, every minute one hundred baby clouds will be released within two specially designed vitrines, each combining a cocktail of water, soap and helium gas.

Like colette, always going against the grain and the expected, the flurry of micro-clouds will be like an upside-down snowfall.

‘I first discovered the work of Pernilla & Asif with the so poetic Harvest chair, then I saw the foam clouds they did for DesignMiami, and the very recent sand/ice installation in Singapore. I’m so proud they agreed to do our Christmas Windows with their magical clouds. It will certainly remain one of the most impressive windows in our history and we hope Colette will not fly in the air like a balloon with all the helium we’ll keep!’ – Sarah (Colette)

The special window installation at colette runs from Dec 12-31, 2011. Download a video of the installation here.
PERNILLA & ASIF are currently working on a pavilion commissioned by Coca Cola for the Olympics in London 2012.

Factorua Joven


The funky Factoria Joven (“youth factory”) skate park in Merida, Spain opened this past March. Since then, energetic teens have been biking, skating, climbing on and around the undulating curves and brightly-colored structures of the inviting and inventive complex, designed by Madrid-based SelgasCano Architects
The concept was first introduced in 2006 by Carlos Javier Rodríguez Jiménez, a physical education teacher  who studied the humanization of urban spaces, and four collaborators. Architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano were inspired by the forms and construction of Chinese dragons, and specified inexpensive building materials, including lightweight polycarbonate. The building was completed in just 13 months. In addition to the outdoor features, the building houses a computer lab and a dance studio, as well as meeting rooms and spaces used for for street theater, video and electronic music, and even graffiti.

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