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The AF’s Project Space becomes a walk-in comic strip for Summer 2012



Jiminez Lai

For his first solo exhibition outside of North America, Chicago-based Canadian architect Jimenez Lai’s Bureau Spectacular will transform the AF’s Project Space with an inhabitable installation and a graphic sequence of imaginary worlds, through the studio’s trademark mixture of built structure and cartoon.

Combining a wall painting, a specially commissioned graphic novel, and a three-part modular ‘home,’ the installation will present slices of life from inside Lai’s Cartoonish Metropolis. The three reconfigurable ‘rooms’ will explore the contemporary performance of living in public, by suggesting themselves as real-world frames from a comic strip. The rooms can face the street as a stage, or cluster together as a home, and will play out the relationship between spectacle and spectator in architecture and performance art, merging Hugh Hefner’s exhibitionism with Joseph Beuys’s conception of art as life, to explore the plural fantasies and realities that architecture can provoke and frame.
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Mesa & Cadeira presents: Anthony Burril Less is More at Kemistry Gallery Private view 5th July 2012




5th July — 28th July 2012

Anthony Burril – Mesa & Cadeira How to say the most with the least
(Quanto mais olho para tras,mais milagres eu vejo)

In March this year, British graphic artist Anthony Burrill was invited to lead a six day workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Organized by Mesa&Cadeira, the course was attended by 12 local designers, writers and art directors and focused on how to say the most with the least, an equation Anthony has mastered during his 20 year career working across a range of media, for clients like Wallpaper, London Underground, Colette in Paris, among others.

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Emerging Brands at 100% Design: Plant and Moss #3


This year 100% Design is strengthening its commitment to international young designers by creating a dedicated area called Emerging Brands at this year’s event.

To highlight this great support to emerging designers over the next few weeks we will be interviewing five of the designers chosen to exhibit at Emerging Brands at 100% Design 2012.

#3: Plant and Moss

What made you want to become a designer in the first place?

JP (James Plant) – I always enjoyed taking things apart and being curious how they worked. So naturally to make things was always going to be of an interest. I guess I started playing in the garage as a child and my interests were often around things I could fix or make better.

JM (James Moss) – I have an analytical mind, am very observant and like to design rational and well detailed products. When studying on a foundation course before uni I was naturally drawn towards chair and furniture design and this led me to choosing a furniture and product design course where my skills could best be utilised and developed.

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Pineapples on your doorstep

Ham House

Architects around London will be sticking pineapples outside their doors for the next couple of weeks as part of the London Festival of Architecture. “Pineapples?” you ask, “what have they got to do with architecture?” Well, in the 17th and 18th century the pineapple, becasue it was such a rare and exotic fruit, was seen as a symbol of hospitality and welcome. If you gave someone a pineapple you were being really, really hospitable. Also, sea captains home from trips to the tropics would fix a pineapple to the railings of their houses to announce their return and to welcome visitors. Therefore many buildings in London use pineapples as decoration, mainly as finials, such as Ham House, St Paul’s Cathedral and Lambeth Bridge. Since in 2012 London is welcoming the world the pineapple is a very appropriate symbol for the Olympic year and a much nicer image than the hideous Games logo.
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Monthly night of architecture and design events at the RIBA hits the London cultural scene – every ‘Last Tuesday’


The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is launching a brand new monthly night of events on the London cultural scene with the ‘Last Tuesdays’ series. The stunning Art Deco London headquarters of the RIBA, a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus at 66 Portland Place W1, will be open late on the last Tuesday of each month, offering a series of themed special events with a spotlight on architecture and design.

Enjoy inspiring debates and talks, exhibitions and events such as film screenings and book launches. Each Last Tuesday will celebrate a different theme with a range of special activities and events, as well as offering a chance to visit ongoing exhibitions. Admission is free.

Found at Clerkenwell Design Week The Love Hut




Found during Clerkenwell Design Week 2012 was Architecture for Humanity’s Love Hut, a very simple concept, which asked people to write what they loved about London on a (pink) post-it note and add it to the growing collection of praise for our wonderful city.

Architecture for Humanity is a non-profit organisation that brings design, construction and development services, pro bono, to those who need them most. I really believe in the power of a positive approach. That doesn’t mean rose tinted glasses – it means celebrating what’s good, and finding solutions for what’s not. The latter is a big part of why Architecture for Humanity was founded, so it was great to see them getting involved in the former.

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BD Network and Art Against Knives join forces for a special charity art exhibition at BoxPark in Shoreditch on Thursday 31st May 2012


BD Network and Art Against Knives (AAK) present The BD Creatures Exhibition, launching 31st May. This unique and very special exhibition is the result of a collaboration between the charity Art Against Knives and integrated creative agency BD Network. These two Shoreditch neighbours have come together to showcase a range of imaginative creature illustrations at the BoxPark Gallery, with the limited edition first prints available on launch night, and the exhibition itself running through to 14th June.
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OMA create pyramid for Kanye West at Cannes Film Festival

For the debut of Kanye West‘s “Cruel Summer” at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, OMA was commissioned to create a special pyramid-shaped pavilion to house the seven-screen experience. Designed in collaboration with DONDA, the pavilion seats 200 and is located along Palm Beach with a panoramic backdrop of Cannes and the Mediterranean. Immersing the audience in a space defined by the seven cinematic screens and constructed of steel, the pavilion served as the home to “Cruel Summer” for both its star-studded premiere and public showings.

EVENT: ShellsuitZombie takes over 55DSL BOXPARK From Thursday 31st May 2012

ShellsuitZombie takes over 55DSL’s BOXPARK unit in six weeks of unadulterated creativity
SHELLSUITZOMBIE is taking creativity to the next level over a six week festival in a box, giving 30 of the UK’s top creative talents the opportunity to make their mark on the capital this summer.
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Sotheby’s announces sale of 20th Century Decorative Arts & Contemporary Design

Ron Arad TABLE SPLIT, 1987 Edition Poltronova Hauteur : 76 (30 in.) Longueur : 170 – 280 cm (67-110 3/4 in.) Profondeur : 88 cm (34 3/4 in.)
The sale of 20th Century Decorative Arts & Contemporary Design at Sotheby’s Paris on 6 June 2012 comprises 170 works of varied provenance, spanning a vast range of styles from Art Nouveau down to Contemporary Design.

As part of Sotheby’s strategy to make Paris the European centre for sales of 20th Century Decorative Arts & Contemporary Design, the forthcoming sale includes works not just from France but also from a variety of other European countries, ranging from Scandinavia to Spain, Italy, Austria and the U.K.

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Catch David Saunders at The Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair Today .

David David Glass Hill Chair*

David Saunders and his label DavidDavid will be taking part in this year’s Fair. The British-based designer is recognised for his splashed tees with his well-known moniker of broad colourful brushstrokes. David started his career assisting the likes of Tracey Emin. He’s also in the current design exhibition at the V&A. Despoke Caught up with David Saunders just as he was getting ready for The Vauxhall Art Car Boot fair
to ask a few questions about being an artist;

1.If you weren’t an artist, what else would you be?

Well as we are in the realms of fantasy i would be a lion tamer and
circus acrobat who travelled the world and the seven seas.

2. Can you tell us more about your work and what are the main ideas
you would like to express?

David David is about Print. many products can be a vehicle for my
print whether its fashion, interiors, its about enjoying pattern, im
not sure what im trying to express, i just put things out there that i
enjoy making and hope other people appreciate it, its worked so far.

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Bark Furniture Day SEVEN Last day at Clerkenwell Design Week 2012


Will takes a load of and test drives the Kustom Armchair
Thursday, May 24

And so we come to end of the final day of Clerkenwell Design Week – and what a week. From the amazing weather to the constant flow of visitors to the amassed crowds as each evening drew to a close, I think it’s fair to say it has been a success.

It’s always great to see a friendly face amongst the throng of strangers at a show. Today Will Knight, Show Director of 100% Design, dropped by for a quick catch up – and a test drive of the Kustom Armchair. It passed!

Tomorrow we pack up and head home to Cornwall, confident that this year’s show has brought Bark tremendous amount of exposure as well as a good number of very exciting leads that we’ll be following up over the next few weeks….

VIDEO: Dalani Magazine at Clerkenwell Design Week 2012

The creative Director of the Dalani Magazine, Emilio Pimentel Reid shows the audience a virtual shopping tour of the great products at Clerkenwell Design Week 2012.

Gastronomic Clerkenwell at Clerkenwell Design Week Thursday 24th May 2012


Sebastian Bergne, food event specialist Sam Bompass, architect Piers Gough and restaurateur Christoffer Hruskova discuss Clerkenwell’s pivotal culinary role.

Gastronomic Clerkenwell 5-6pm 24.5.12
Four industry experts will bring food to the forefront in a discussion on Clerkenwell’s pivotal culinary role and predictions for the next 20 years of food. Hear unique perspectives on the future of food from designer Sebastian Bergne, food event specialist Sam Bompas, architect Piers Gough and restaurateur Christoffer Hruskova

New Start for London’s Largest Contemporary Design Event 100% design

Daren Newton Introduction to the New 100%Design

100% Designs new floor plan

This morning at Clerkenwell Design Week at a breakfast briefing we where introduced to some of the exciting features in store for all of us at 100% Design 2012.

Now in its eighteenth year 100% Design is the Uk’s most visited contemporary gathering of architects and interior designers attracting over 18,000 visitors last year.

For 2012 however Media 10 want to attract over 40,000 they have a new floor plan ,new features and a new identity all revealed this morning.

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