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London Design Festival. Design Exquis: The story unfolds…






Design Exquis Venue: The Hoxton Hotel, 81 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU
Date: 14 September – 14 October 2012 Private View: 17 September 2012

Five days to go before the opening. All the objects being finished, Design Exquis has now revealed the identities of its featured designers. The exhibition will make its UK début at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch during the London Design Festival.

Design Exquis’ innovative concept is based on the ‘Cadavre Exquis’ (Exquisite Corpse) technique, whose British equivalents are ‘Chinese Whispers’ and ‘Consequences’. Using this idea, Design Exquis has created its own game. The rules are as follows:

An object is chosen for its design qualities.
A designer is invited to react to it by producing a work.
This work is, in turn, answered to by a second designer.
The process is repeated.

None of the designers but the first one know what the first object is.
None of the designers know who the others are.
The only information they receive is the last object created.

The exhibition narrative takes the viewer from metamorphosing furniture to bacteria detectors, through to calcified sandcastles and a kit which turns the concept of the souvenir on its head.
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Cool Stuff at 100% Design Number 2 The 100% Tunnel

Image: Shaw & Skerm

Another Cool Thing that everyone is going to experience at 100% Design will be the 45m-long entrance tunnel to the show which will deliver people straight into the heart of the show.
100% Design 19th – 22nd September 2012


Yuri Suzuki : London Underground circuit map radio.

Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki ‘london underground circuit maps’ project for the
2012 London Design Festival. Responding to ‘thrift’ as a theme, he explores communication systems in consumer electronics. A printed circuit board (PCB) is produced based upon Harry Beck’s iconic
London Underground Map . More Images and Info over at


Tom Dixon Flash Sale Save up to 80%


Orb Light Large

Ahead of their London Design Festival re-design Tom Dixon Shop are running a one off 3 day Flash Sale at their shop and for the first time ever, their online store.

Recieve up to 80% off selected lighting, furniture and accessories from Thursday 6th – Saturday 8th September.


SERVOMUTO : Fine handmade Italian Lampshades showcase their UK Arrival at 100% Design


The ironic oversized photo of Miguel Figueroa has been split into 14 pieces creating a collage of 14 separate lampshades. The lampshades thus become an art installation in which the individual pieces work on their own or all together to generate an overall image.

SERVOMUTO, the Italian duo comprising Alessandro Poli and Francesca De Giorgi, will present a new collection of handmade lampshades at this year’s 100% Design (19-22 September). Available exclusively in the UK from Animali Domestici, the London-based 20th & 21st Century Italian furniture, lighting and arts objects showroom, this will be the first time UK audiences can discover the quirky craftsmanship of these unique pieces.

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Shared Appetite A joint exhibition of new design for food by Sebastian Bergne and Corin Mellor

Brought together by their mutual interest in designing for food preparation and consumption, this special exhibition of new products will explore Mellor and Bergne’s distinct but compatible design approaches.

14th-30th September 2012 Open Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6pm Sunday 11am to 5pm
David Mellor 4 Sloane Square London, SW1W 8EE


5th SEPTEMBER 2012 – 13th JANUARY 2013
Over the past decade, Swarovski’s design and architecture commissions have served as an experimental platform for leading figures in design to conceptualise, develop and share their most radical ideas.

Digital Crystal: Swarovski at the Design Museum Ron Arad – Lolita Image courtesy of Swarovski

Building on this platform, the Design Museum and Swarovski are now challenging some of the most exciting talents in contemporary creativity to explore the future of memory in the fast-developing digital age in an exciting new exhibition.

Explaining the central premise of Digital Crystal: Swarovski at the Design Museum, Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum says: ‘

Digital Crystal: Swarovski at the Design Museum explores the meaning of memory in the digital age, with the demise of the analogue era our relationship and connection with personal memory, photographs, diaries, letters, time and ephemera is changing.’
Deyan continues: ‘Digital Crystal: Swarovski at the Design Museum takes this as its starting point, to question the future and our relationship with the changing world, where it seems all too easy to lose connection with the tangible and the real, as we move ever faster to a digital age where memory and the personal possessions we once held so highly are now online or gone in an instant.’

In addition to specially commissioned pieces by a new generation of designers, Digital Crystal: Swarovski at the Design Museum will also feature a select number of works from the Swarovski archives and by juxtaposing old and new, the exhibition offers up for debate the changing nature of our relationship with objects, and even with time.

Nadja Swarovski comments:

‘It is an honour that the Design Museum has chosen to collaborate with Swarovski on this forward-thinking exhibition. To work with such creative minds and to see how they have responded to the brief is fascinating and offers new insights into our changing relationship with memory and technology. Swarovski’s passionate commitment to cutting-edge contemporary design and innovation is driven by our work with these visionaries who push the boundaries of how crystal can be used as a creative ingredient.’

The 14 designers and their commissions are listed on the next page:
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Françoise Fredj Weill ‘ Marks’ an exhibition of furniture from September 12th 2012

Francoise Fredj Weill portrait

WEILL_Metal & blue felt BESOS STOOL edition of 100.

WEILL_2 metal and feather tables unique piece

The title of the exhibition “Marks” is inspired by the quote “Le souvenir commence avec la cicatrice” (Alain). The large table with feathers (shown on the attached save the date invitation) suggests the idea of a deep open mark, but one difficult to decipher.

This will be the second time that her furniture line, Collect-xion, is shown in London. Collect-xion began in 2003 in Paris by Françoise Fredj Weill; its concept was not only to create beautiful pieces but also to tell a story; a story of the partnership between craftsmanship and concept.

The base of each piece, be it a table, a shelf or a light, is metal, but the materials used to complete it are varied: feathers, porcelain, felt, and so on. Metal is used as the base material as a result of Weill’s admiration for artists such as Jannis Kounellis and his Arte Povera.
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London is the next stop for the Avant/Garde Diaries from Mercedes-Benz.


London is the next stop for the Avant/Garde Diaries from Mercedes-Benz
MERCEDES DRIVE THRU: food artists Bompas & Parr create a unique dining experience
Digital interview magazine “The Avant/Garde Diaries” is inviting guests to enjoy an interdisciplinary art and dining experience in London between the 14th and 16th September, 2012.

The festival is being curated by leading food artists Sam Bompas and Harry Parr. The British duo are designing a temporary, driveable restaurant – the MERCEDES DRIVE THRU – in the lobby of the old Selfridges Hotel on Oxford Street (Mayfair). Together with the British multimedia collective the Jason Bruges Studio, they are presenting a spectacular mix of food and light art designed to turn the enjoyment of dining in a car into an exceptional sensory experience.
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As every seroius design company Lammhults dedicates themselves to the need for reducing environmental impact. Sustainability is to us an essential part in the product development process, reflected both in materials and manufacturing. High quality and long durability are key words at Lammhults for ages. A recent example is the Archal range, launched in 2011, designed by danish team Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen.

Archal frames are made in 90% recycled die-casted aluminium. It takes 460 recycled cans to produce the Archal armchair below. Swedes consume one billion cans per year. 90% of them are recycled- it covers the needs of many chairs…

Cans in recycling Archal armchair design Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

Lars Bülow
Brand and Design Director Lammhults Design Group

LAMMHULTS will be exhibiting at this years 100% Design more details HERE.


Danes are extremely good at highlighting their culture heritage. Has always been – it runs in their blood. This year the furniture design virituos Finn Juhl would have celebrated his 100-years anniversary. This will lead to several events. Trapholt Museum in Kolding shows his work in a major exhibition focusing his sculptural skills. Ordrupsgaard Museum, near Copenhagen, with a pavillion created by architect Zaha Hadid, shows some of the best items. In fact Finn Juhl lived next door to the museum and his home is preserved and open to the public. A visit is highly recommended. And while you are in Denmark- don´t forget to visit Scandinavia´s most beautiful museum Louisiana, now showing New nordic- architecture & Identity.

Danish architect and designer Finn Juhl (1912-1989). Interior from his home in Orprupsgaard, Charlottenlund.

Josef Frank (1885-1967), born in Vienna, became one of Swedens most recognized architects and designers during the era of Swedish Grace. His consistent cooperation with Estrid Ericson, the founder of the company Svenskt Tenn, resulted in an amazing range of furniture, luminaires and above all fabrics still in production and exclusively available by Svenskt Tenn. Josef Frank also designed some villas, most of them from 1920-30. Last weekend me and my whife, engaged in the board of Svenskt Tenn, spent a weekend in one of Franks small villas in Falsterbo- very south of Sweden. It was a fascinating experience to stay in the world of the Icon, preserved since 1927.

Villa Carlsten in Falsterbo, designed by Josef Frank 1927, well preserved? Josef Frank (1885-1967)

Lars Bülow
Brand and Design Director Lammhults Design Group

LAMMHULTS will be exhibiting at this years 100% Design more details HERE.


Relevant innovation, attractive identity and long term commitment are the corner stones of Lammhults brand platform.

We call it Modern Essentials. A corporate philosophy developed from the 60s, today constantly updated by brilliant Scandinavian designers Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen, Gunilla Allard and Anya Sebton.

Unlike other prominent design-based businesses Lammhults stays close to the designers for the long term we believe in a healthy equal giva and take relationship . We know it takes time to develop outstanding product lines. Lammhults success is based on design passion and sustainability. We are not in it for a one night stand.

Lars Bülow
Brand and Design Director Lammhults Design Group

Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen


Easy chair Cinema. Gunilla Allard 1994


Anya Sebton Section seating Area 2009

LAMMHULTS will be exhibiting at this years 100% Design more details HERE.




Images Transparency + Transparency 2.

Materia– transparency and openness reflected in design features as well as in internal communication.

Design Management is by my definition

” The strategic coordination of architecture, interiors, graphic design, communication and co workers in order to stregthen the brand and the companys identity and position.”

Despite all the theories that surround design practice I have always had a pragmatic, practical way of approaching Design Management.

In practice, design should permeate all processes within the company. Within my former company Materia no important decisions were made without design consideration. High and low, to me it is a matter of authenticity and originality.

Design Management is a learning process reflected in transparency and openness in design features as well as in internal communication. Fully implemented Design Management will serve as a powerful and clear link between vision and daily activities.

Last but not least. I am convinced there is a direct link between corporate climate and profits.

Lars Bülow
Brand and Design Director Lammhults Design Group
LAMMHULTS will be exhibiting at this years 100% Design more details HERE.


Designers Bo Lindekrantz & Börje Lindau

Lammhults poster by HC Ericson

Easy chair S70 designed by L&L 1968

Easy chair S70 designed by L&L 1968

After 20 years with my own company Materia I started with Lammhults in January this year.
Frequently I have been asked:

I thought you would retire- so why Lammhults?

First. As a passionate and ideas-driven professional you never quit voluntarily.
So when I was asked to join the Lammhults Design Group I didn´t have to think about it for too long.

To me Lammhults has always been the number one Swedish design brand. Once ”best of the best”, the dream partner for every designer with ambitions. During two decades Lammhults was the essence of Design Mangement, directed by the legendary Kenneth Ståhl.

Their successful design story started in 1965 when the company produced oil burners for the energy industry. The forward thinking management realised that:

A clever mouse needs two holes

(Strindberg quote).

Spreading risks they decided to start producing tubing furniture and contracted the talented young design team Börje Lindau & Bo Lindekrantz. This fruitful collaboration lasted for 25 years.
With the added skills of graphic designer HC Ericson and the interior designer Jill Dufwa Lammhults got its creative dream team together for the 80s.

Disregarding current style Lammhults went their own way creatinng their own design alphabet. These achievements are the heritage and also the platform for the company Lammhults to move forward.

Lars Bülow
Brand and Design Director Lammhults Design Group

LAMMHULTS will be exhibiting at this years 100% Design more details HERE.

Michael Young Answers Despoke’s Questions


What made you want to become a designer in the first place?
A lack of other options as I was quite unemployable , I guess when I was younger I was just slightly A.D.D and also hated authority , I recently got given an old school report from my mother and it started off with : ” If only Michael had the ability to read and write he could make some progress in class “

So the arts beckoned early on ….

Where did you study design?
Kingston Poly but I went there because I saw a joke on the toilet wall which said
” What happened to Bernard’s personality ?” And later that day I met this fat kid
called Bernard and it clicked and I have been laughing ever since.

What was the first thing you designed?
I guess it was a small woven light which sold very well , I had a few ex girlfriends weaving them , like a sweat shop.

How do you define good design?
Good design is a holistic experience where process , material and economy are combined together well.

What would you be if not a designer?
I quite like mundane tasks like moving boxes or gardening , a gardener would be nice.


Which design of yours are you most proud of and why?
The new Bramah light for EOQ , because it makes complete sense extrusion can make endless shade forms and it’s giving amazing light , you see all of these lights now where one thinks about the light quality ..this has great light.

Anything in your career you wish you’d done differently?
Oh plenty but I live thru design as an open dialogue so I bare my mistakes well and if you do some good things then you’re entitled to do some bad things , we all learn as we go …

Which designers do you most admire?
I tend to avoid talking about design and the industry, I’ve had most of the conversations you can have for 20 years, for professional reasons I get involved when I need to. I’m looking forward to meeting up with Ross Lovegrove on this trip as we get on well together and it’s fun….


Which product do you wish you’d designed/do you think is an example of good design?
The E-Type Jag , captured a great moment in time. Also several Hans Wegner chairs , im a big fan .

At 100% Design you will be running a seminar called :
From Shoreditch to Sheung Wan and back’ can you tell us a bit about what this will cover?

When I moved to China I put a logo on my door which said “FROM SHOREDITCH TO SHEUNG WAN ‘ . Before Shoreditch became what it is now I lived in a cellar in Redchurch Street with damp and rats and i’d bump into Michael Marriot , a big smile chipping down the road on a daily basis really , so it was a charming time , we were all skint and any object you found that was useful improved your life , it was great. Sheung Wan in Hong Kong when i arrived was like that , full of locals and now you cant move for coffee shops …so its really about going full circle via design making gentrification …if you know what I mean.

You can see Michael Young at 100% Seminars at 100% Design this September
details here :