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London students are being given an opportunity to win £2,500 and the chance to make their mark in a top architectural agency in a new competition to design the student home of the future.
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Third Draw Down launches the Mystery Multibox in Association with the New Museum


CultureLabel partner Third Draw Down; have launched their new project ‘Multiboxes’ this week in collaboration with New York’s New Museum.
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Bloom Box To Bring Localized, Green Energy To Homes

Repurposing technology used to build oxygen generators for the NASA Mars program, the Bloom Box is a device in production designed to generate energy using oxygen as it’s primary fuel source. Bloom Energy’s founder K.R. Sridhar envisions this device as a critical step towards localized energy, giving more homes the capacity for generating their own power supply. The cells have already been in use by approximately 20 corporations over the last 18 months, including Google and eBay’s use of the technology to power data centers. Via:[PSFK]

TH!NK To Introduce Electric Car That Charges In 15 Minutes

Electric vehicle enthusiasts, TH!NK, erupted into the news last year, when they were rescued from bankruptcy. The Norwegian company has been making steady progress, with its production in Uusikaupunki, Finland and with the support of Valmet automotive, which is overseeing engineering and manufacturing.
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Crafts Council launches a new way to experience contemporary craft with CraftCube

The Crafts Council’s new CraftCube programme offers a new way to see and learn about contemporary craft by offering visitors a virtual experience of makers’ studios and the chance to interact with craft objects.

The Napper from Simone Wittmann


Designer Simone Wittmann has created a concept design aimed at helping travelers get rest on public transportation.

The Napper is a hooded shawl that features a concealed set of Bluetooth headphones and a Bluetooth enabled luggage lock. An alarm will sound in the headphones if the user’s bag is moved more than a meter away.

Offering a compact form for easy transportation, the Napper can be folded into a compact bag which is also useable as a pillow. Via:[PSFK]

The Blow Sofa: Inflatable Upcycled Furniture


Using recycled dunnage bags (airbags used in shipping) as cushions, designers from MALAFOR have created a simple, transportable sofa. The paper dunnage bags can be inflated on site, and are supported by a metal frame and flexible straps. Via:[PSFK]


Waterbobble: Sustainable Hydration


“Bobble” is a new creation from designer Karim Rashid, aimed at reducing the huge number of plastic water bottles, consumed and disposed of every day. This reusable water bottle design integrates a filter into the spout which lasts for about two months and uses a carbon filter to reduce chlorine, taste, and odor.  The bottle retails at $10 and is available to buy from

“Papier” by Saskia and Stefan Diez


These trendy paper bags are the result of project “Papier”, a collaboration between Saskia and Stefan Diez and winner of the German Designpreis 2010. The series is an experiment in revising the classical typology: the two designers pointed out the basic requirements to a travel bag – durability, protection and light weight – and sought for an appropriate material other than the traditional choices of leather and reinforced textiles.

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Warm hands warm heart from Happiness in Bed


By far and away the worst thing about reading in bed at night during these cold winter months is the inevitable draft that manages to creep its way into any opening in your duvet cover. Thanks to artist and designer Andrea Ayala Closa, this is a problem of the past as he brings us the ‘Sleeved Blanket’.

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Era of the digital Museum


The Courtauld Gallery’s fascinating exhibition Michelangelo’s Dream, opens to the public today so why not get a ticket sent straight to your mobile right now? The Courtauld Gallery are the first cultural organisation to offer e-ticketing whereby exhibition tickets can be ordered online and instantly distributed via email or to your mobile phone.

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20% Discount on London Fashion Weekend Tickets: 25 – 28th February 2010


100% Design has teamed up with London Fashion Weekend to offer you 20% discount on tickets to London Fashion Weekend valid on Black, Silver and Gold. Simply quote 100DESIGN when booking online at

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Get a “Whif” of this


If you’ve given up chocolate for Lent, here’s a cheats way round the cravings! Harvard University biomedical engineering professor David Edwards came up with the idea of “eating by breathing” and subsequently developed “Le Whif”. Essentially it’s a lipstick-size inhaler filled with chocolate particles with each “whif” being less than a single calorie.

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Playful Community Complex


Welcome to the Cultuurcampus Vleuterweide; a huge complex comprising of a school, sports facilities, fifty residences, a church, cultural centre, theatre, and a library. This mini city complex was developed by architect Vera Yanovshtchinsky Architecten with interior design and furnishings by Assen-based AEQUO BV Architects.

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Carnival Inspired Home Ware by Jahara Studio


Jahara Studio is a Brazilian based design studio founded by Bruno Jahara, a Brazilian designer who has worked with the likes of Jaime Hayon, Fabrica and Flavio Albanese in the past. The colourful plates, lamps and mugs are his latest creation, and are made from 100% recycled aluminium. Their name, Batucada, refers to a percussion beat used in carnival parties in that country, in which people often play instruments made of tin.

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