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The Amphibious Architecture Project

In a collaborative effort between the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and the Environmental Health Clinic at New York University, two Amphibious Architecture installations have been exploring new ways of how inhabitants above and under water can interact with each other.
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Growing Organic Packaging

PSFK points us to an interesting project from the Cargo Packs 2020 competition that uses bacterium to create on-demand organic packaging.
Designer Mareike Frensemeier won third place for the concept which uses the acetobacter xylinum bacteria to self assemble a protective shell similar to paper around an object

Objects are covered in a special culture which then eats a type of sugar, metabolizing the glucose into a “fibrous nano-scaled cellulose network.”
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New-look Starbucks opens its doors in central London

Starbucks has opened the first store to depaprt from its established interior design, toning down references to the brand and introducing more upmarket materials such as Italian leather.
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designboom at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010: call for participation

As part of the cultural program of the Stockholm Furniture Fair,designboom will host a group exhibition of around 40 international design professionals from around the world.

The second time in Sweden, the Stockholm mart 2010 will again provide an unprecedented opportunity to meet the young avant-garde and become familiar with their work. visitors are able to buy design souvenirsand limited edition pieces directly from the designers themselves.
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Gramazio & Kohler of Zurich’s ETH Faculty of Architecture bricklaying robot

Gramazio & Kohler of Zurich’s ETH Faculty of Architecture bricklaying robot has digitally fabricated a wall on Pike Street in downtown Manhattan, with an exhibition running at the Storefront for Art and Architecture until November 14.
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Jen Khoshbin’s Decorated Antlers

As part of her series on ‘transformation’, artist Jen Khoshbin offers these decorated antlers for sale on Etsy.

Donald Judd Furniture at Sebastian+Barquet from November 12th

Finply chairs #84-85 suite of five sm
Finply chairs #84-85 suite of five
“The configuration and the scale of art cannot be transposed into furniture and architecture. The intent of art is different from that of the latter, which must be functional. If a chair or a building is not functional, if it appears to be only art, it is ridiculous.”
Donald Judd, 1993

In association with Judd Foundation, Sebastian + Barquet is pleased to present Donald Judd: Furniture, an exhibition of Donald Judd’s resolved furniture designs. Brought together here for the first time at Sebastian + Barquet and shown alongside Judd’s original drawings, the exhibition will include important early examples of his furniture in a variety of woods, colored-plywood, enameled aluminum and copper.
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The Vertical from Jamie O’shea

The Vertical allows the user to sleep standing up right in the middle of the street. Not satisfied without testing his creation, o’shea slept for 40 minutes in downtown New York. The bed design can be collapsed into a small
suitcase and is attached to a subway vent when in use. The bed comes with noise canceling headphones, opaque sunglasses and a free-standing umbrella for napping in the rain.

Less and More The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams 18th November 2009 – 7th March 2010

For 40 years, from 1955 until 1995, Dieter Rams designed or oversaw the design of over 500 products for the German electronics manufacturer Braun, as well as furniture for Vitsoe. Audio equipment, calculators, shavers and shelving systems are just some of the products created by Dieter Rams, each item holds a special place in the history of industrial and furniture design and has established Dieter Rams as one of the most influential designers of the late 20th century.


Each December, the Design Miami/ Designer of the Year Award recognizes a prominent designer whose advanced body of work demonstrates quality, innovation and influence, pushing the boundaries of art, architecture and design. This year, we are pleased to honor Maarten Baas.
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Ubico Studio: stump series


Stump series started in the industrial garbage cans in the area near our factory. Small pieces of hardwood are thrown from carpentries in the area in large quantities.
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FENOMEN IKEA at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg through to 28th Feb 2010

Beautiful and practical products for everybody! This idea is almost as old as the industrial fabrication of furniture and interior decoration itself. The furniture manufactory IKEA founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad held up this ideal from the very beginning. The huge success and international reach of the biggest brand name in furniture worldwide is the motive for the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe to investigate how far the furnishing company has been successful in realising the promise inherent in the idea of “Democratic Design for everyone” propagated by the Deutsche Werkbund, the Bauhaus and their successors. FENOMEN IKEA shows some 250 exhibits, including IKEA products spanning six decades as well as many examples of massproduced goods and high-quality product design which were made long before IKEA and apart from it, such as design classics by Thonet, Panton, Henningsen and others, or the celebrated Frankfurt kitchen from the year 1926 and the most commonly found German living room in 2009. NON IKEA is the name of a special section within the exhibition devoted to the reactions of international artists such as Thomas Schütte, Tobias Rehberger, Morten Steen Hebsgaard and others as well as designers to the phenomenon IKEA.
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Spore Floor Lamp by Alienology

Alienology’s Spore Floor Lamp is like a flower getting ready to bloom. It is designed from a single sheet of plywood, comes flat-packed and ready to assemble in about 15 minutes.

Jos kranen answers Despoke’s Questions

What made you want to become a designer in the first place?
It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment, but I have always been interested in creating and working with my hands. I remember soldering smurfs from metal wire at age 10, but I got bored pretty quickly from recreating exact images, the most fun was to substitute the existing ones with my own. At first on the spot, but soon thereafter I was thinking of new smurfs all week, drawing them, and executing the final design ons Saturday morning… Maybe that was the moment?
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Fireplaces from Modus Design

984 logo lowres
Since the early days of mankind, human beings have been amazed by fire and mesmerised by the dancing flame, the warmth, fascination and comfort that it brings.
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