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Cool condiment set from Normann Copenhagen

salt and pepper set made of cork and porcelain

salt and pepper set made of cork and porcelain

Normann Copenhagen – the manufacturer who brought us the oh-so-desirable, dog shaped cable management system Woofy, have now turned their attention to condiments. The 58°N salt and pepper set, named after the latitude where Denmark and Norway meet, is the work of Ulik Stian Morland and Brynjulf Krokstrand of Ulik, the design studio they formed in 2005. Having been inspired in a coffee bar in Oslo, they say, “This is an everyday item for different types of table arrangements and people want it to retain its newness and purpose for a long time.”
We just love the simplicity of the contrasting materials of matt porcelain and cork and think 58°N would add a bit of Nordic cool to any dining experience.

Normann Copenhagen

WHAT IF… FUTURE FORM, FUTURE FUNCTION? at Science Gallery Dublin through to 13th December


WHAT IF…insects could diagnose illness? WHAT IF…clouds were modified to snow ice cream? WHAT IF… we lived in a society where our every thought was public? These are just some of the questions asked in the upcoming exhibition at Science Gallery which probes the space between reality and the impossible and where designers meet scientists to explore the future.

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Get moving with Wilkhahn’s new ON chair

Wilkhahn's ON chair encourages natural body movement

Wilkhahn's ON chair encourages natural body movement

German office furniture manufacturer Wilkhahn has achieved that tricky feat of launching a chair that looks good and is good for the user too. The ‘science bit’ of its development involves ‘synchro-supporting three dimensional kinematics’ but all you really need to know is that it encourages natural movement, crucial for office workers chained to their desks. Users can move forwards, backwards and sideways whilst seated, or the three combined in a rotational movement with special sections designed to ergonomically support the knees and hips. Adjustment of the chair comes courtesy of just two buttons, and ON is available in a range of models, backrest heights and types of upholstery. Wilkhahn

China Design Now: A Multi-Sensory Experience Opens in Portland Through to 17th January 2010


This October, the Portland Art Museum will present China Design Now, a multi-sensory experience reflecting the new Chinese urban environment and encapsulating the scale, speed, and energy of change in China today. Visitors will embark on a journey of discovery through China, focusing on the graphic design, fashion, interior design, and architecture emerging from three vibrant and rapidly evolving cities. Continue Reading…

Public Perception of Colour an inclusive project conceived by Rob and Nick Carter in association with Pantone

“Perception of Colour” was created by artist duo Rob and Nick Carter, from Thursday 24th September to Sunday 27th September, 2009 at 100% Design, Earl’s Court Business Centre, London, incorporating the colour choices made by members of the public attending the event.

2,700 Pantone swatches (the entire Pantone range) will be available for 1,000 members of the public to select shades which, in their minds, best represent the 7 spectral colours, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. The individual swatches chosen at the event will be mounted on to sheets of aluminium, to create 7 ‘monochromes’ evolving over the course of the exhibition. Thus the finished monochromes will represent the public ideal of the key spectral shades.
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The Soyuz Chair by Nelly Ben Hayoun

Desperate to experience the thrill of a trip into space? If you can’t afford Space Adventures’s multi-million ticket to fly into space and if you don’t want to wait till 2011 to hop on one of Richard Branson’s upcoming Virgin Galactic flights, then the Soyuz Chair, designed by Design Interactions graduate Nelly Ben Hayoun is the best you can hope for right now. The comfortable living room chair won’t fly you into space but it will replicate the experience of a liftoff.
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Olli Erkkila Forkless Cruiser


Olli Erkkila has designed a bizarre looking bicycle that opts out of using a suspension fork on the front wheel. Though we’re not sure if their is any practical reason for the change, it’s a remarkable departure from the norm. The “Forkless-Cruiser” was made as his graduation project at the Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland. via: (

Lucie Koldovà Czech designer is one to watch

Lucie Koldovà is one young designer to watch. A graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, she has already amassed an impressive portfolio, including a storage system for Czech manufacturer Process, an aluminium lamp for Sipral Company, a funky stackable chair made out of bended steel bars, plus she has designed furniture for the DuPont showroom in the Czech capital. One of her other latest products is the Treasury table another Process collaboration collaboraton. Says Koldovà, “Next to writing tools, the drawers are conceived specially for the standard sizes of paper from A5 up to A2. It has been developed to contain all the necessary things while staying pure and clean.”

D&AD Launch Student award 2010 Website

Petter Prinz has referred you here as part of a challenge that D&AD has set. We asked Petter and some other past winners to raise our profile to tutors and students around the world. D&AD have been setting creative briefs to those teaching and studying for over 31 years. We do this for two reasons, firstly we want to help start great careers for talented individuals. Secondly it’s an opportunity for us to assist those teaching by providing them access to world leading creative challenges.
You can help Petter (and us) by registering today and getting involved with the 2010 programme.
Via (
More info:D&AD

Recycled Freitag Bags Become Compost Art During Vienna Design Week

Freitag bags are a modern eco classic. Swiss brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag make their slick bags, wallets, iPhone cases, and other accessories from discarded tarps, the type used by long-distance freight trucks in Europe.
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Light Therapy Café Brightens Dark Winter Months

Iglo light café offers light therapy as a cure to sun deprived Stockholmers throughout the dark months of October to March. Using the same technology as hospitals, Iglo provides an informal atmosphere and a place for friends to meet. The coffee shop dresses the visitors in white and is lit by UV-free lighting in the strength of 3000 lux. People relax in the warm environment, sipping on smoothies and other healthy options while soaking up the artificial light. via (PSFK)
Iglo Light Cafe

Benjamin Hubert Diamond Chair

Diamond Chair

Diamond Chair by a hot new designer called Benjamin Hubert, who had just won the 100% Design Blueprint Award. At this year’s 100% Design in London, Benjamin presented “A Year In The Making” , a showcase of all his creative output from the last 12 months.Via (Homebug)
Benjamin Hubert

Kirsty Whyte – Wooden Hooks

Hooks from designer Kirsty Whyte of Pure Whyte. She recently launched these wooden “limpet wall hooks” at 100% design in September .
Pure Whyte

Black and Blum’s stylish dish rack


Great design no longer stops at the kitchen sink with Black and Blum’s stylish new dish rack ‘High and Dry’. As well as being a gorgeous piece of sculpture for your kitchen, it is functional too – its wave of spikes can solve the tricky issue of drying wine glasses, even the most delicate champagne flutes, its makers Dan Black and Martin Blum promise.

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martino gamper: 100 chairs in 100 days Through to November 8th

olympia, august 2nd, 2006 image © designboom
100 chairs in 100 days project and stanze e camere exhibition at the
Triennale Design Museum in Milan has just opened.

in 100 chairs in 100 days, gamper has reconfigured the design of 100 seats which were retrieved over a period of two years through his adventures of rummaging through garbage, picking up rejected and deserted chairs.

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