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Dr. Martens Inspired Bapes

For their new Bape Sta Mids, designers from Tokyo based Bathing Ape fashion brand took cues from the classic ‘Doc Marten‘ boots which has seemed to have regained its popularity in the fashion scene over the the last 12 months. The shoes uses similar colorways, laces, heel tab and even the souls are translucent.Via:[PSFK]

We Like: Gentemstick Boards

Japanese designer and inveterate snowboarder Taro Tamai has been hand-shaping his eye-catching Gentemstick boards for over a decade. An answer to the homogenization of board shapes that happened as snowboarding gained mainstream appeal, Tamai’s goal is no less than to “perfectly blend into the terrain miraculously made of snow and wind, just as if birds flying in the sky or fish flowing in the stream.” The upshot of his philosophical approach to the sport (he calls it snow-surfing) is a line of boards renowned for their flexible fins, oversized sized fish tails and rideability in almost any snow condition. Via:[CoolHunting]
Website:Taro Tamai

One Billion Minds

one billion minds
One Billion Minds is a prize-led innovation platform that connects problem-solving scholars with solution-seeking companies and non-profits.
One Billion Minds challenges student and alumni crowds from universities worldwide to come up with innovative solutions to real-world problems. Challenges range from designing a $1 teaching aid for the education of children to developing an innovative solution for the garbage disposal problem in Kolkata. Prizes from the participating corporations include cash, professional recognition, and opportunities to interview for full-time or internship positions. Members can compete as individuals or teams.
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Bamboo Bikes from Ghana

When we wrote about Bamboo Bike Studio late last year, we noted the company’s involvement in the Bamboo Bike Project, which seeds bamboo bike factories in developing countries. Working towards a similar goal is Calfee Design, which is helping entrepreneurs in the developing world make locally sourced bamboo bicycles for domestic and international sale.
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Mix first came across German design collective MY BAUHAUS IS BETTER THAN YOURS at last year’s DMY, and was impressed by their quirky, idiosyncratic style. The seven strong team are now taking new work to Milan; you can see it at WOK Store Via Cole di Lana 5/a from 14th-18th of April.

Particularly strong is the work Vom Ribbeck, designed by Laura Straßer; subtly considered porcelein lights shaped like pears and Bacchanalia, a figurative shelf made from a paper-based composite material designed by Julius Kranefuss (pictured) .

Fiat Taps Designer Fabio Novembre For Another Non-Conventional Branded Idea

Italian designer Fabio Novembre will debut a new chair at the Milan Furniture Fair inspired by the Abarth brand, the auto-sport division of the Fiat group. Novembre based the design of the seat off the Abarth logo which is extruded in polycarbonate. The effect creates sweeping lines which speak to the brand’s performance heritage. The lightweight base is die-cast aluminum and detailed with a small racing stripe.
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Leo Villareal Public Art Installation Illuminates Downtown with Sky

New York-based digital light artist Leo Villareal’s recent completion of Sky (Tampa) on the south façade of the new Tampa Museum of Art features a dramatic 12,000-square-foot public art commission that illuminates the downtown core.

The exterior of the new museum features programmable LED lights, 45 feet high and 300 feet long, embedded within two-layers of perforated aluminum panels. In daylight, the museum’s façade creates a moiré-like pattern, and in darkness the LED light installation glows with Villarreal’s signature light-coded and hypnotic dance.
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Weird Yet Cool Furniture From Ogata

Known more for their bespoke design of retail shops, Japanese design firm Ogata have expanded to offer custom furniture for sale. Each piece is handmade and well, very unique. The Button Bench has a twisted iron base and a collection of large scale buttons for the seat. Each are made from combinations of wood, leather, urethane, and brass.
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Fresh Water: Mix Trends backs blue for Spring/Summer 2010

It would be impossible to ignore the impact of blue for 2010; Mix Trends book devoted an entire theme, Blur for this Spring/Summer’s trends and we have followed up in this month’s Mix magazine with a look at the stands at Maison & Objet and Stockholm, which were groaning with shades of the colour, in particular vivid Tiffany and sky blue.
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Pod Hotel next in Times Square

Yotel, which has been an innovator in establishing micro hotel facilities called “pod” hotels at major airports of the world, has now ventured into opening hotels in cities too. Their first hotel is scheduled to open in 2011 in New York’s Times Square.
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Street Headphones by Brian Garret

Street Headphones by Brian Garret is a graduate thesis on rapid manufactured designs that was picked up by Freedom of Creation for manufacture. What makes them so special is that owners of the headphones can customize the headband with the names of musical artists they enjoy listening to. What names would you want on your headphones? Via:[DesignMilk]

Loxolop: An Eco-friendly Lamp Made From Recycled Juice Boxes

Dutch artist, Ebére Groenouwe has created a sculptural hanging lamp made from the waste paper of recycled juice cartons. Ebére drew inspiration from Origami and Biomorphism in designing this lamp.
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Skinput: Touch-Sensitive Skin

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Microsoft have joined forces to create Skinput, a bio-acoustic sensing device that allows your skin to be used as a touch-screen interface. An armband is equipped with a projector to display a menu or phone keys, as well as an acoustic sensor that analyzes distinct sounds made on the surface of skin related to specific bone density, joints and tissue. That information is delivered through a Bluetooth device back to the phone to determine what button has been pressed.
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Mix Magazine embraces a spring like Spirit

The move away from homogenised, global products to ones that embrace local crafts and vernacular design is gathering pace. Referencing the growth of the idea of authenticity and hand-crafted objects is Spirit, one of our trends for Spring/Summer 2011. This trend story is also featured in the current issue of Mix magazine and Mix Trends Irish design studio Superfolk perfectly captures this ethos with its economical collection of low-key but beautifully executed furniture that uses locally sourced materials and techniques including basket weaving and craft.

Dutch Designer Joris Laarman Unveils New Work at Friedman Benda


A new body of work by Dutch designer Joris Laarman was unveiled at Friedman Benda. Laarman’s unique aesthetic merges cutting-edge technology and the life-sciences to create work of unexpected beauty. In 2008, Laarman’s Bone Chair and Bone Chaise, his first two works since graduating from Eindhoven, were displayed in MoMA’s exhibition Design and the Elastic Mind. This marked a major milestone in his career and the chair subsequently was added to the museum’s permanent collection. The show will be on view through to April 10, at Friedman Benda, 515 West 26th Street.
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