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Musical Pillows


For anyone who needs a bit of background noise when they drift off at night, be it the echoing musings of conversational whales or the dulcet tones or Celine Dion perhaps, this is one piece of design news you’re going to want to listen to.

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Laikingland Kinetic Sculptures


For anyone who’s ever felt the aching desire to fill their home with quirky kinetic sculptures and moving artworks, Laikingland is your one stop shop and are offering an exclusive 10% discount for a limited time only.

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Opportunity:BEST OF BRITISH, LIBERTY, SOHO Saturday Feb 6th

British shopping emporium – Liberty – is giving designers the opportunity to pitch their designs to a panel of the store’s buyers and industry experts. The best designs will get the chance to have their products sold there. Register online prior to the event on 6th February.

Stunning Concept Bike From Peugeot Design

The B1K is a concept race bike is constructed of carbon fiber and is powered with a chainless drive. Those are probably the only two features remotely comparable to bikes of today. The rear rim is hubless, gaining an areodynamic advantage. Both wheels forgo the traditional tire and tube in place of a rubber sleeve stretched over the rim.

The bike also incorporates some clever lights in the handle bars and one that drops down from the rear rim support. Via:[PSFK]

Kuntzel and Deygas Exhibition at Joyce Gallery Paris

Kuntzel & Deygas have established themselves with a strong concept of innovation and many mediums of design. The duo have compiled an impressive show which features wide dimension of design with many mediums from speakers, chairs, carpets to work on canvas. Joyce Gallery in Paris is the location and will remain open until February 25th, 2010 making for a must see if in the area. Via:[SLAMXHYPE]
Joyce Gallery 168 Galerie Valois 5001 Paris France

Smart mud could be the new plastic


(Image: Takuzo Aida and Nature)

Could a mixture of water and clay replace plastics? The desire to wean the world off oil has sparked all manner of research into novel transportation fuels, but manufacturing plastics uses large amounts of oil too. Researchers at the University of Tokyo, Japan, think their material could be up to the task.

Takuzo Aida and his team mixed a few grams of clay with 100 grams of water in the presence of tiny quantities of a thickening agent called sodium polyacrylate and an organic “molecular glue”. The thickening agent teases apart the clay into thin sheets, increasing its surface area and allowing the glue to get a better hold on it.

This means that, while the mixture is almost 98 per cent water, it forms a transparent and elastic hydrogel with sufficient mechanical strength to make a 3.5-centimetre-wide self-standing bridge.
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What is the most eco thing you did recently?

despoke question

Trash To Treasure With makedo’s Modular Connector System

makedo is an Australian-based company that allows users to create forms and spaces using found objects and their modular connector clips. Available online, their kits contain clips, pins, hinges and a tool, which can turn everyday trash into works of art.
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NASA’s New Space Suit Is Life-Saving, Slimming

With $500 million contracts from NASA, Oceaneering International and David Clark Company have been combining their experience with deep-sea and space exploration gear, designing the next generation of space suits. While the gear will be able to sustain life for 150 hours in an emergency and sync directly back to earth via in-suit computers, their design focuses on mobility and adaptability, adopting high-tech fabrics over heavier components.Via:[PSFK]


Worldbike designs and distributes brand-new bicycles that are inexpensive and built specifically to withstand harsh rural conditions.

California-based Worldbike’s bicycles are designed to handle large loads, rough terrain and inclement weather. They’re configured to be not only affordable, but also maintained and repaired locally.
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Paris Deco Off Review by Adrian Sanders

The inaugural Paris Deco Off expo is showcasing some of the best interior design on the continent. The quality across the board at Paris Deco Off has been top notch, with French and English classics including Edmond Petit, Nobilis, Osborne & Little and Sanderson.

Acne Furniture Collection

Popular denim and fashion brand Acne have just announced a new furniture collection, which sees them take the chairs of Carl Malmsten, twist the designs and cover them in denim.
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appitizeus-525x322 is an intentionally small selection of apps, handpicked to showcase talented-but-underrepresented developers building interesting apps. The site features about two or three apps a day that appeal to a design-minded audience’s’ love for simplicity of use and elegance of design. Via:[PSFK]

Cardboard Furniture from Lazerian Studio

The Honeycomb range of furniture emerged as part of a collaborative project between furniture designer Liam Hopkins and artist Richard Sweeney at Lazerian studio, Manchester. The designers constrained themselves to the use of corrugated cardboard sourced locally from John Hargreaves’ factory in Stalybridge, which produces paper from recycled pulp using machinery originally installed in 1910. The Honeycomb Sofa and Armchair are released at Interiors 2010 with Designers Block at the NEC Birmingham, 24-27th January 2010.
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Designers called on to help Haiti

Designers are being called upon by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design to liaise with relief organisations and assess how design can help with rehabilitation projects in earthquake-stricken Haiti.
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