Gavin Coyle Book Caddy

Look, maybe it’s just because we live in Walthamstow and see with our own eyes the creativity that abides there, but we think it might just be the most creative area of East London. Maybe. (Ahem.) With the Blackhorse Workshops, the E17 Art Trail and just about every design and art magazine editor living there, we reckon we win in the design influencer stakes.

Gavin Coyle

So it’s always nice to receive an email from another local and we are particularly fond of the designs from this one Contemporary furniture maker and product designer Gavin Coyle has launched a new book caddy inspired by the traditional library trolley. Already we like the sound of this, being fans of both libraries and anything called a caddy.

Gavin Coyle

Handmade in his Walthamstow workshop, the caddy is designed as an practical way to store your favourite selection of books or to be used as a side table, stool, or even a step. Made out of solid Southern yellow pine, the wood was chosen for it’s distinctive grain pattern that complements the minimal design and has been finished in white oil.

Gavin Coyle

Just like the traditional library trolley the books are seated at a 45° angle allowing for a better view of the titles and simple twist on a standard bookshelf. A Corian stand can also be placed into the lower section giving an additional flat surface which can slide to act as a book stop.

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