String Shelves

The String shelf has been around for nearly 80 years and has become a bit of a design staple. We look at the ways this simple and super easy to assemble piece could be used in your kitchen. Or pantry. If you have a pantry…..which seems unlikely, but worth visualising and using in a ‘one day I would like a pantry’ mantra.

string shelves

This Japanese style pantry isn’t even really a pantry- it’s an everything room. Look at how neat those shoes are all lined up and matching. It’s a colourful piece of perfection. We know if this was next to our kitchen we would have NO problem creating delightful cuisine for whoever came to visit. Or even just a fun game of ‘guess whose shoe’ would be enough to amuse us. (We made that game up.)

string shelves

String began nearly 80 years ago, in 1949, when Nils Strinning and his wife, still both architecture students, won first prize in a competition to design a bookshelf for a Swedish publishing company. From these humble beginnings string was to become a Scandinavian design icon and is now found hanging all around the world. The innovative, minimalistic shelving system has played a part in laying the foundations of what we now call Scandinavian design. Above, someone has created a little plant laboratory of some sort, just what every home needs….?! That green wall is perfect either way.

String shelves 

String shelving is pretty adaptable for the whole house but here we have the dream pantry situation. Although actually the layout would work perfectly to create one of the more on-trend open shelving kitchens. Just imagine having this many ingredients on hand. As well as a terrifying ham slicer. One day…….

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