A celebratory digital portrait of a much loved East Londoner

Hoxton Press are at it again with the brilliant www.86andahalfyears.com project.  By a group of East London creative businesses, the immersive piece celebrates the life of Joseph Markovic, a man who left London just once in his life, to go to seaside with his mum.
86 and a half years

A successor to the original photography book that documented the musings of Joseph – an East London pensioner with an infectious outlook on life – Clubhouse collaborate with local businesses to reimagine the book for digital audiences. Entirely self funded, the project is an immersive digital experience that is controlled by opening and shutting the eyes. A fully interactive story is told by a narrator and Joseph’s friend, Martin Usborne, set to a new soundtrack created on East London standup pianos.
universe is a mystery

But the Universe is a mystery isn’t it?

Each chapter is split into two parts, and navigated intuitively with eye-tracking technology quietly working in the background to enhance the narrative. The simple closing of the eyes is all that’s needed to step fully into the world of Joe’s imagination. Once closed and with the distractions of life removed, Joe begins to share this thoughts and feelings from an eclectic mix of topics ranging from money, to relationships and the Universe.
86 and a half years
As Joe finishes, the opening of your eyes reveals the original still photograph Martin took to accompany joe’s words; brought to life for the first time through moving image, alongside the photographer’s memories of the day and the time they spent together.
“An element of my own loneliness exists in the photos of Joseph. A good photographic portrait always captures two people: the subject & the person taking the picture.”
– Martin Usborne, Hoxton Mini Press
For more information and to experience in full, click here.

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