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With so many of us working from home and trying to make sure the house still feels like a home even when it’s full of work bits, storage and organisation is key. German design brand Movisi has launched GROW! a flexible furniture system made from 95% air, manufactured in Germany and designed in Paris by Marine Peyre. Quite the Pro-European piece. GROW! will internationally launch on the 16 May at 5pm on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and is a system that builds up on one single element allowing users endless configurations (over 10,000) and the possibility to easily alter an interior according to changing needs.

Grow movisi

Movisi aren’t strangers to the easy build, modular furniture system, having successfully launched BUILD in 2013 – the most successful crowdfunding campaign for an item of furniture at that time ever. Its clients include Google, Paul Smith, The Design Museum, BMW, The United Nations New York, The BBC and Ferrari.

movisi grow

GROW! has been designed with only three components – the main piece, connectors and the lid (with an optional stability rib for seating) and offers specifiers and design lovers a single product which is adaptable to any interior environment. The range embraces the lightweight, multifunctional, organic design language that Movisi pioneered, utilising only one single material to make the product ARPRO EPP, a 100% recyclable plastic foam. Nice.


To find out more about Movisi and Grow! click here.

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