ByALEX loves you

Telling someone you appreciate them shouldn’t be left down to national holidays, birthdays and Christmas.  When the world is slowly becoming a darker place it’s the little things that matter and small surprises are what continues to drive kindness, joy and that little thing we like to call ‘the butterfly effect’. But maybe you think about it before you tell someone on the bus you love them. Just saying.


Nobody understands this more than small business owners. The memory of the ‘When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance’ image springs to mind, as well as the amazing campaign from the folk at Just a Card.


Encapsulating both of these messages is British designer ByALEX. Normally known for his typographic-led furniture, founder Alex Swain has branched out launching the first product of a forthcoming accessory range, the SPOT greeting card.

byalexIt’s quite unusual to hear of someone crossing graphic design with furniture and we like what we see! Buy here.

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