Lane by Post wall art

Lane By Post, a brand we have featured a lot over the last year, have  launched a minimal and modular wall art system – 8 colourways, 12 colours, and a load of combinations.

Lane by Post

The ‘Twin Tone Play’ Screen Print System, is eight prints of two giant colour chips using carefully paired colours. They can be hung in any combination on walls of any size. It’s a fun and playful way of injecting a splash of colour meaning you don’t have to go the whole hog and decorate the room. 

Lane by Post

“The ‘twin tone play’ concept follows on from Lane’s Twin Tone Lampshades and Cushions – great colour combinations that can add a pop of colour to your home to brighten up a neutral space, allowing homes to be far more flexible. 

lane by post

The flexibility of the system is key to Lane’s offer, specifically aiming at a rental market who can take the prints with them and reconfigure them in their next home and also brighten up walls they may not be allowed to paint. .

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