Gingerbread City

It’s yet more Yuletide fun from us as we look at The Gingerbread City; an exhibition conceived and developed by the Museum of Architecture (MoA) that creates an imaginary city designed by architects to celebrate the holiday season.

gingerbread city

The project allows some of the UK’s leading architects, interior designers, engineers and landscape designers to experiment and explore tasty designs. At the same time, the Gingebread City aims to find innovative ways of engaging the public with architecture.

gingerbread city

“The gingerbread city pop-up exhibition was created to get the public excited about architecture, which is part of the mission of the Museum of Architecture. From three year olds participating in our family gingerbread making workshops, decorating their houses and drawing elevations to students, families and architects critiquing the architects’ designs, we are opening the door for conversations about architecture to take place,” the Museum’s director Melissa Woolford remarks.

gingerbread city

The designed projects include key urban landmarks, such as an opera house, a town hall or a train station, in addition to a number of high-rise office towers, residential areas and public parks.

gingerbread city
The exhibition offers an answer to these questions through bold designs created by practices
such as Foster and Partners, Mae, Carl Turner Architects, vPPR, Make Architects, Penoyre &
Prasad, and many more. Seeing the other side of the creative minds shaping London’s urban
landscape, the Gingerbread City is a great way to enter in to the architectural world that is
accessible to everyone.

Museum of Architecture, The Gingebread City exhibition, 7 – 22 December 2016
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