Raj Tent Club Christmas Treats

The Raj Tent Club which, as well as doing what it says on the tin, also has an array of gorgeous middle Eastern, Indian, in fact global inspired treats, has some great gifts and decorations ready for you know what. (Begins with C ends in hristmas.) It still feels too early to be seriously you-know-what shopping, but it’s always good to browse right? here’s some of our fave pieces.

These 3 pom pom mirrors are bang on trend.  They come in blue and turquoise (as pictured), dark pink and light pink, light green and dark green. Display them together across a white wall, or across the home.

raj tent club

This handcrafted Noah’s Ark is a perfect present for a young family. The pieces aren’t too small and it’s not plastic so that’s always lovely.

raj tent club

The Timbuktu Candle Holder is hand made in Mali out of re-cycled cans. As a result, every one is different. This is a fair trade product and we blooming love it.

raj tent club

Apparently as well as looking great, copper drink-ware is a new global health phenomenon. The resurgence is due to the popularity of the Moscow Mule cocktail, traditionally served in a copper mug. However, most people are unaware of the fact that copper cups can also provide our bodies with numerous health benefits.

For more information and to hire a Raj tent whilst your at it- why the hell not!- click here.


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