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We know we love vintage design- we just wish we could afford it. Now although we might need to save some pennies, we have a website that’s dedicated to sourcing it all so we can drool over it whilst saving.

design market

It was while searching for a 50s Eames chair that Lionel Obadia had the idea of creating Design Market,
an online marketplace that gathers vintage design pieces of furniture from galleries across Europe.

design marekt
Launched in 2014, Design Market is the largest marketplace dedicated to vintage design. The online service sources a vast selection of iconic 50s to 70s design pieces sourced worldwide and culminates all in one place. Each unique piece is appraised and authenticated by professionals, and constantly renewed due to its network of galleries and specialist antique shops.

design market

Innovative for its unique offerings, Design Market also sets itself apart by having an original and extremely secure trust framework, guaranteeing secured purchases of quality pieces of furniture, which in these days of Chinese copies is so very important.  Authentication of pieces for sale (the first marketplace to offer pieces authenticated by professional experts through its exclusive partnership with the Compagnie des Experts Français en Antiquités (CEFA)) makes a real difference.

design market

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