The ‘Knot House’ by Atelier Chang






Five white sculptural buildings designed by Atelier Chang for the hospitality group House of Mind rest on a coastal cliff top in South Korea.


The ‘Knot House’ resort, inspired by different knots, consists of one two-storey house, the owner’s residence, with a clubhouse and four other one-storey buildings hosting six guest rooms.


On the boundary of the clubhouse, a V-shaped infinity pool merges with the ocean afar.


The wooden elements provide the seamless link beteween interior and exterior.


The narrow shape of the site initially challenged the designer to fit the number of units requested while maintaining privacy and the sea view.


Chang proposed each house to be turned 40 degrees toward the sea to allow both an unrestricted ocean view for the guests and private zones.


Simultaneously, it reflected the striking outline of the roofs where the guest can read the continuity of the white angular masses emulating mountainous peaks.


Pivotal to the build is the folding and unfolding, where the knot loosens in the front, 3 to 5 metres full height windows open toward the ocean view. In the rear, it tightens up and provides complete enclosure for privacy.


Sharp angles denote the fold and provide shelter.


“ A key question was how to achieve a seamless spatial connection between outdoor landscape and indoor living space through architecture, said Soohyun Chang. “To answer that question, one had to stop separating the building from the ground. Instead, we imagined a surface made of landscape, which eventually folds into a knot to create an enclosure.”


“The wild landscape floods into the terrace, generates patterns of an herb garden, and gradually reaches the interior in a continuous manner.”


The architect continued, “The project brings multiple advantages from the real-estate point of view. At first, multiple units can be built for hospitality to generate immediate income. Years later, they can be converted and sold as residential units. The design itself took account of adaptability throughout the life span of the building from a guest unit to a fully functioning residence.”




Atelier Chang

Images Kyungsub Shin.


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