100% Design Saturday Preview


Above: The Gateway at 100% Design 

100% Design closes tomorrow and it has some incredible features and designs not to be missed. 

The auditorium schedule for Saturday at 100% Design focuses on consumers, with the Chief Design Officer for Phillips, Sean Carney discussing people-focused approaches to design and how design can be made meaningful.

Make it Meaningful kicks off the last day of Talks With 100% Design at 11am with Carney’s talk.


Above: AMASS by Benjamin Hubert

Don’t forget that at 5pm after all of the talks have finished, the stunning AMASS modular auditorium by Benjamin Hubert will be broken down, with a giveaway to visitors to take home their own small piece of design from one of the UKs best designers.


Above: Norton Wing Chair by James UK on sale for £300 (RRP £1499) at the 100% Design Takeaway

If you always walk around trade shows like 100% Design wishing you could take home the furniture, now is your chance. 100% Design has teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support for the 100% Design Takeaway.

Around 50 exhibitors from across the show have donated pieces of furniture which are all being sold at 11am on Saturday with prices a jaw-dropping 80% or more off the recommended retail price.


Above: Vessels by Cherif Morsi

Make sure when you are there to visit all of the halls, with design gems dotted throughout from some of the biggest names in design and up-and-coming designers alike.

Get down there early to be at the front of the queue. We will see you there!

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