New Designers 2013


Above:Welcome Table by Gil Muller

Each year New Designers presents a selection of the most exciting graduate designs across architecture, furniture, product design, textiles, graphics and jewellery design.

A feature at New Designers is ‘One Year On’, which includes examples of work from designers in their first year of business. Highlights from this year’s offering include multidisciplinary designer Leigh Cameron, who has worked with Vivienne Westwood, and the triple award winner at New Designers 2012: Hugh Leader Williams.


Above: Spun Furniture by Hugh Leader Williams

Leader Williams won the 100% Design Award, The Award, and The BCFA Lugo Award in 2012. His Spun Furniture range is a series of tables and stools with powder coated spun steel tops that attach to ash frames using magnets, allowing them to be folded flat for easy storage.


Above: Small Table by Leigh Cameron

Leigh Cameron’s work with the Concrete Foundation re-imagines concrete as material for the domestic setting. Angular designs featuring warm wood and cold concrete create an interesting juxtaposition with architectural undertones.


Above: Icon lamps by Katharina Eisenhoek

Katharina Eisenhoek also works with concrete and natural materials in her design studio, EKDESIGN. Eisenhoek’s Icon Lamps from a lightweight concrete and fibre mix with boiled leather handles that create the silhouette of a traditional lampshade.

Works from over 3,000 of the UK’s most talented design graduates are on show in the 28th edition of this event. Here Despoke picks a few of the designs that we will look out for across the different categories at the show.


Above: Feather Weight Stool by Will Ives Keeler

Will Ives Keeler of Northumbria University has developed the Feather Weight stool. At only 812g, the aluminium alloy stool is so light a bunch of helium balloons is all it takes to lift it form the ground. Paul_Joyce

Above: Firebat Drone by Paul Joyce

It may look intimidating, but the Firebat Drone is designed to assist search and rescue efforts in hazardous environments. Designed by Paul Joyce of Staffordshire University, the remote controlled aerial drone features infrared cameras, temperature sensors and even a retractable glass breaker to aid the emergency services.


Above: Antennae table by Gil Muller

Gil Muller is a Swiss Product designer currently studying at the Camberwell College of Arts. Muller’s work explored the theme of flexibility across all platforms. His Antennae side table is made from tubular steel and is designed to look in place in any room. In September 2013 Muller will be embarking on a Masters in Product Design at the Royal College of Arts.


Above: Ring by Zara Ahmed inspired by Islamic design

The Victoria and Albert Museum Islamic Gallery inspired Kensington & Chelsea College Student Zara Ahmed in her graduate jewellery designs. Traditional Islamic patterns are abstracted and included in these bold silver pieces of jewellery.

Part 1 of New Designers runs from 26th to 29th of June and Part 2 runs from 03rd to 06th July 2013 at the Islington Design centre. Visit the New Designers website for more information.

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