Creative Balance for 100% Design


Our friends over at 100% Design have just launched the redesign of their website and the new creative for 100% Design 2013. They have given us a behind-the scenes look of their photo shoot for this year’s theme, Creative Balance. 


Stacks of products from each area of the show: Office, Kitchens and Bathrooms, and Eco, Design and Build balance together to represent the diverse aspects of the show “blending to become one”.


100% Design worked with Form for the Concept, Art Direction and design. Over a number of weeks products were delivered by exhibitors from all over the world and the concept was developed into the final photographs on the 100% Design website, online and print media.


The team worked over a weekend using ropes and rigging in the photographer’s studio in Hoxton to come up with the best combination to demonstrate all of the sectors within the show. The images above show the initial concept artwork.

IMG_0890Tom and jemmaIMG_0902

Last year 100% Design had over 25,000 visitors and has just announced plans to expand their show at Earl’s Court to include Earl’s Court 1. This is to accommodate the growth of their international pavilions including: Argentina, France and Tai-Pei.


Photography by Sara Morris and styling by Sandy Suffield.

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