Collider Main Entrance Light Installation for 100% Design

‘Collider’ is a new artwork created specifically for 100% Design by Neil Musson and Jono Retallick. The installation references the positive effects of artistic collaboration and networks of ideas leading to unexpected conclusions. In their first joint project, Musson and Retallick have been inspired by neural systems responding to electrical signals and by mycelia (an intricate fungal network spreading nutrients across vast areas). Sculptural shapes refer to the silent communication between birds in flight.

To convey the energy and power inherent in collaborative thought processes the duo approached Applelec LED light sheet, a company more commonly associated with illuminated signage. Musson explains that

“Applelec were very willing to explore new possibilities for their product and the light sheet is an ideal material to relay our concept. Light is a metaphor for new ideas and this relates directly to the aims of 100% Design. The light sheet offered us the delicate translucent quality that we were looking for in contrast to a sharp and precise finish”.

Musson and Retallick will be giving a presentation titled ‘Alternative illumination, where art meets design’ examining the benefits of collaboration and how the conceptual thought process is beneficial in creating original design. Meet the artists on Thursday at 14:45 in the Eco, Design & Build auditorium or visit stand 046. More Details

‘COLLIDER’: a collaboration between artists Neil Musson, Jono Retallick and Applelec LED light sheet Ltd. twitter: @Neil_Musson / @metalmonkeys


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