Françoise Fredj Weill ‘ Marks’ an exhibition of furniture from September 12th 2012

Francoise Fredj Weill portrait

WEILL_Metal & blue felt BESOS STOOL edition of 100.

WEILL_2 metal and feather tables unique piece

The title of the exhibition “Marks” is inspired by the quote “Le souvenir commence avec la cicatrice” (Alain). The large table with feathers (shown on the attached save the date invitation) suggests the idea of a deep open mark, but one difficult to decipher.

This will be the second time that her furniture line, Collect-xion, is shown in London. Collect-xion began in 2003 in Paris by Françoise Fredj Weill; its concept was not only to create beautiful pieces but also to tell a story; a story of the partnership between craftsmanship and concept.

The base of each piece, be it a table, a shelf or a light, is metal, but the materials used to complete it are varied: feathers, porcelain, felt, and so on. Metal is used as the base material as a result of Weill’s admiration for artists such as Jannis Kounellis and his Arte Povera.

WEILL_2 Metal & wood tables unique piece

Combining metal and other material is the essence of Weill’s work. Avoiding repetition and convention, organic materials are selected and included, giving beauty, life and poetry to each piece, which reflects the combination of art, design and craft.

“I try not to follow the trends of contemporary furniture design, I try to remain free and keep my mind open. Inspiration is more likely to come from looking at a painting or a sculpture: a single detail can sometime take me into a new world of ideas…” says Weill.

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