SOS Orangutan released

Hati – Swivel Chair from caz haigh on Vimeo.

Oxford-based charity the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) is to have its very own orangutan sculpture included in Jungle City (www., set to be Edinburgh’s biggest ever outdoor art exhibition. Named Hati, meaning ‘heart’ in Indonesian, the orangutan is one of 130 life size fibreglass sculptures currently being showcased in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens before being unleashed onto the streets of the city on Tuesday September 6th. Hati will be located in St Andrew Square.

The orangutan will then be sold via an online auction, with proceeds raised going to SOS. Members of the public will be able to place bids via between September 23rd and October 2nd 2011.

Jungle City has been organised by conservation charity Elephant Family. SOS was selected as one of six charity partners for the event which will see Edinburgh transformed into a jungle alive with orangutans, tigers, hornbills, crocodiles and elephants.

Helen Buckland, SOS UK Director said: “We are proud that SOS was chosen to be a Jungle City conservation partner. The funds and awareness raised by this fantastic event will help us secure a safer future for Sumatran orangutans and all the other amazing species that share their forest home. We’re so pleased with our sculpture – it’s bright, eye-catching and really does express how vibrant and diverse orangutan habitat is.”

The stunning sculpture has been painted by eco artist Caz Haigh (www. At 1.1 metres tall, it was a challenging piece to tackle.

Caz Haigh, artist for SOS said: “It’s certainly the largest piece I’ve worked on! There’s only so much you can plan on paper; seeing the sculpture for the first time revealed lots more nooks and crannies to consider. I really enjoyed finding out about all the different plants and animals native to the Sumatran jungle. Positioning all of the creatures was a fun task too; I decided to play on the idea of predators hunting prey so certain creatures are stalking others, while some hide in the undergrowth.”“I first met Lucy Wisdom, the inspirational founder of SOS twenty years ago and have followed the work of the organisation since day one. Orangutans are gravely endangered and are also among our closest living relations in the animal kingdom, so I feel it’s Komodo’s duty to continue to support the charity. It’s fantastic to be involved in this great art exhibition as a result. I hope lots of people will enjoy the sculpture and support the vital conservation work that SOS do.”
Komodo products are stocked in Hibiscus Flower on St Stephens Street, Edinburgh.

Jungle City will feature some of the most endangered species in the world and aims to raise £1million for their survival. The event follows Elephant Parade London 2010, an exhibition of over 260 elephant sculptures that raised more than £4million.

SOS is dedicated to protecting Sumatran orangutans and their rainforest home. With approximately 6,600 remaining in the wild, Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered and without urgent action could become the first Great Ape species to become extinct. By protecting their forest home, we also help thousands of other species and contribute to the global fight to prevent dangerous climate change. The money raised by the auction of Hati will help SOS to keep supporting grassroots conservation projects in Sumatra, working with communities living next to last remaining orangutan habitat.

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