Paul Cocksedge gives flight to DuPont™ Corian® with a Gust of Wind

London Design Festival, September 24th 2010, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

A blank piece of paper is the starting point for so many ideas, so much creativity. For Paul Cocksedge, one of the UK’s most electrifying designers, this ‘canvas’ itself becomes the work of art for a one-day installation at the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum. Hand-formed from 300 curvaceous pieces of Corian®, the multi-talented material that has inspired original thinkers worldwide, ‘Gust of Wind’ imagines that a stack of paper has been caught on a zephyr and lifted skywards to float on the air.

The event is part of this year’s London Design Festival and the V&A’s Friday Late programme, which takes place on the last Friday of every month and often features a highly popular ‘design giveaway’. Accordingly, Paul has conceived a Gust of Wind as something that is at once ephemeral and will also enjoy a second life once it is dismantled and freely distributed at the end of the evening. Each of the 300 pieces of Corian® has been formed in a way that not only envisions wind-blown paper when in suspended form, but which will also serve as a functional paper tray for those lucky enough to take one of the pieces away.

“I wanted to create something visually striking that captured a passing moment of beauty,” says Paul, “but something which could then also be appreciated after the moment had gone. I chose to translate the idea through Corian® for several reasons. I was really interested in looking at and understanding the inner values of the material.”

“Because of its solidity and durability,” he continues, “it is often perceived as something heavy and permanent, much like the marble and stone statues at the V&A – and I think of Corian® as a comparable modern equivalent to those materials – but it also has a lightness and I was attracted to its free-flowing formability. The fact that I could work it by hand and twist it just like a piece of paper was very appealing and allowed me to connect with its ‘human’ properties.”

Ashley Givens, co-curator of the event at the V&A says, “Gust of Wind was appealing as a Friday Late installation during the London Design Festival, not only because of the exciting giveaway, but also because of the visual impact of it. It will have a powerful presence in the staircase location we have chosen for this piece.”

Gust of Wind will be on view from 6:30pm to 10pm for one night only and will be dismantled toward the end of the evening. Each of the ‘signed’ pieces is CNC engraved and has a unique number, making the ‘Paul Cocksedge Ideas Tray in Corian®’ a very collectible limited edition. The Friday Late event at the V&A on September 24th promises to be one of the highlights of the London Design Festival!

You can visit the Corian stand at 100% design

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