Andrew Beaumont answers Despokes Questions

What made you want to become a designer in the first place?
I was working as a 3D design technician in a university, and just thought to myself ‘I should be doing this’

Where did you study design?
I studied fine art painting at Nottingham Trent, and then later 3D design ‘Designer Maker’ at the university of Plymouth

What was the first thing you designed?
Probably a Lego spaceship that could drop Lego bricks from a hatch underneath.

How do you define good design?
Ive always admired objects that are designed to last longer than the user.

What would you be if not a designer?
I would be very, very bored. I cant even imagine a life without design now.

Which design of yours are you most proud of and why?
I designed and made a ceramic roulette wheel/olive dish. It certainly isn’t the prettiest object I have designed, but I have the only one ever made. I think I like it because not many people did.

Anything in your career you wish you’d done differently?
Not really, I see it as a marathon and not a sprint. Im just grateful that I realized I was a designer and not an artist.

Which designers do you most admire?
Having worked so hard to get this far, I now admire anyone and everyone who works as a designer.

Which product do you wish you’d designed/do you think is an example of good design?
Definitely Freitag bags, I own seven now and see no reason to stop.

Tell me about your design style at home?
Presently student chic…

You can catch Andrew at New Designers 2010

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